Dog training

We will teach your dog to bring you joy

Therefore, constant joy can be useful only for a well-mannered and obedient dog.

It is available to you, because we work with departure to you.

Departure: we held classes near your home at a convenient time for you from 7:00 to 20:00 on weekdays and from 11:00 to 20:00 on weekends.

Online consultation: Identification of problems and recommendations for their elimination.

We develop the following qualities in dogs:

  • controllability;
  • responsiveness;
  • self-control;
  • upbringing;
  • restraint;
  • helpfulness;
  • devotion (basics);

We educate in dogs:

  • The ability to behave on the street, in the area, in the yard, in the aviary, during the perception of the environment and in games with you;
  • Execution of a command for no reason by your voice or gestures.

We accompany and advise owners until the dog is fully grown up:

  • You will gain knowledge and practice on interaction with a dog;
  • Knowledge of the content, organization of feeding and rules for dogs in the family;
  • Knowledge and skills for confidential assessments and play with your dog.
Basic services:  "Dog Training Compliance Course" provided for ages 3 to 12 months   (optimal age). Older dogs may be assigned more activities.

Dog training course  is 25 lessons with a visit to the client (1 hour a day) 2 times a week. The dog will learn 20 commands and 5 rules of behavior. Good manners and humility, servility and desire to please the owner - we also strive for this as a result of training.

Fixation course and training of dog owners is 5 or more lessons with departure to the client (1 hour per day) service once a week. For owners who must take the time to reinforce parenting and reinforce “obedience” behavior forever.

Quantity   training with a dog depends on the abilities of the dog. Teaching new tricks at the request of the owners and the abilities of the dogs. Such as: “gopher, somersault, dance, bunny or jump on its hind legs, snake and figure eight, go around a tree, a barrier, give a paw, catch a treat, catch a treat from your nose, catch a Frisbee or fblaber on the fly and much more”

Our other services:

  • Individual training of dogs (with departure to you);
  • Consultation of owners and training in the basics of training, behavior adjustment and dog management;
  • Handler services;

Training with departure to you
Price fluctuations may be from the zone of work of the trainer

[emphasis] We have over 2000 dogs graduating from our course and 20 years of working with dogs.


Trust the professionals and your pet will forever acquire the status of a faithful, intelligent and obedient friend for you and your family.

 Our course is very fast and available for you accompanied!

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