Akita is a dog breed of warriors. Akita Inu

The nature and characteristics of the breed

The Akita Inu is a Spitz-shaped service dog bred in the Akita Province on the Japanese island. For a long time, these dogs were used as hunting dogs, mainly for deer, wild boar and even black bear. Now, it is mainly used as a service. Dogs of this breed are excellent watchmen and guards, they almost never bark, but immediately attack.

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Akita is a breed of dog that is characterized by an extraordinary mind, endurance, pride and self-confidence, she knows neither fear nor timidity. That is why, for the education of Akita, a special approach is required. She does honor to the person with whom she is friends, but this does not mean that she will listen to him. Akita is a dog breed that chooses its own owner and obeys only those whom it respects and considers worthy to dominate.

PozitivchikOn this note, I would like to mention the feature film "Hachiko: The Most Faithful Friend" by Lasse Hallström. The film was based on the real life and fate of a Japanese Akita Inu named Hachiko. The film tells about how a faithful dog waited at the station for nine years for the return of his master from work, who never arrived due to death. The film very well shows the excellent character traits and characteristics of the breed. If you are interested in the Akita Inu dog breed, be sure to watch this movie if you haven't seen it yet.

Only on the principles of cooperation and understanding will you be able to raise your Akita, and this takes a lot of time. And if you find the strength and patience in yourself, learn to understand your dog and be able to show what you want, you will receive a faithful, faithful and obedient dog of the Akita Inu breed as a reward. But if you hit the dog at least once, or scream, you can make an enemy who, at the first opportunity, will try to take revenge on you.

Akita is a dog breed of warriors

Akita Inu is belligerent towards other animals, therefore, from childhood it must be introduced to society, more taken to crowded places and introduced to other animals. By its nature, Akita is a predator, so you should not wake up the beast in it once again, do not allow fights with other dogs, this breed has fighting skills, do not provoke a conflict.


Akita is a dog of classical form, with a slightly stretched body compared to the height at the withers and a wide, deep chest. The back of the Akita is straight, the tail is set high, and lies on the back in an elegant single or double ring. Akita is a dog with massive cat paws with webbed fingers, which makes it an excellent swimmer.

akita inu dog breed

The head of this breed is large and broad-browed. Thanks to its unusual pocket ears, the dog looks like a wolf, a fox and a bear at the same time. Color - pure white, red, sesame or brindle. In addition to white, all other colors should be shaded with white on the sides of the muzzle, on the cheeks, under the lower jaw, on the neck, on the belly, on the tail and on the inside of the front and hind legs.


This breed of dog feels great both in a city apartment and outdoors in an aviary. In addition, the Akita is completely unpretentious in care - it is enough to comb out once a week, for the time of molting 3-4 times a week, you need to bathe as it gets dirty, that's all the care.

Ludmila Markina

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