The fight against itching

I want to share my story! In September, I got a new friend Spitz Part. The baby was sent when he was 2 months old. He did not want to eat food, canned food either. I started to cook for him myself: porridge + beef + vegetables and cottage cheese Prezident 5% everything as written by the breeder.

And everything seems to be fine, and eats, and not sluggish, but only one problem scratches his stomach and began to ride on his belly. Every weekend I was in a veterinary clinic: there were no fleas, no nits, and no rashes on my stomach. And they pricked vitamins, and pricked from scabies. But he still itches and has been for more than 1 month. We have reviewed the food products, nothing helped.


Then at home, upon a thorough examination, I saw that he had pimples on his back legs. Went to another doctor. We were told to switch to lamb and gradually transfer to dry food so that there is a balanced diet, and pimples are burned. They said about cottage cheese that they would try homemade (and I think homemade fat, but we don’t need more than 5% - I won’t change it yet).

So we introduced dry food into the diet, I burn acne, I give Prezident 5% cottage cheese 2 times a week, and then I notice that as soon as I give this cottage cheese, my Part and itches right away. I was shocked! I went and bought homemade cottage cheese (not whole), for the first time I gave it with caution, so that it would not be bad for him. But, thank God, that everything worked out and scratching does not bother us anymore.

Curd President

And how much torment my boy had and injections and tablets from Prezident cottage cheese, that I hope someone will learn from my mistakes. Take care of yourself and your little pets!

Angelica Ustapasidi
Contest participant me and my dog

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  1. Natalia
    20.01.2014 at 02: 15 Reply

    Your story helped a lot! My friend's puppy started to itch a lot. I asked her to list the foods she feeds him. And cottage cheese “President”-0% was included.

    On my recommendation, a friend excluded cottage cheese from the puppy's diet. Quite quickly, she began to observe an improvement in the condition of the baby.

    Thank you very much for this experience. If not for your story, we would have been looking for a reason for a long time.

    Personally, my dog ​​grew up on homemade cottage cheese, which I bought from my grandmothers in the market. I kept it in batches in the freezer. Thus disinfected it and it was absolutely safe. Let it be greasy, but clean and useful.