Boots for dogs. Shoe short legs Shih Tzu

It's been a year since a dog appeared in our family - a pretty little fluffy creature of the Shih Tzu breed. Everything happened to us this year: illnesses, haircuts through tears, and diets to defeat allergies. What-no, but the practice of keeping a dog already exists. Moreover, the breed is not the easiest to care for.

Shih Tzu

One of the most unpleasant moments in keeping a dog is bathing after walking. This is a necessity, because we have a dog, as they say, "on a pillow." Therefore, keeping your dog clean is important. But, it is not always useful for the dog itself. The fact is that city tap water dries the skin on the paw pads very much. And if you still use shampoo every time - this is already extremely bad. And you need to wash your dog's paws at least twice a day, after each walk.

Here's another problem: in winter, roads are sprinkled with salt (maybe some other chemistry) - this is another blow to the dog's paws. After washing, the paws remain moist for a long time. Before we had time to dry properly after a morning walk, it was already getting dark here, it was time to go for a walk again, and our paws were wet. It is also not advisable to dry it regularly with a hair dryer - the coat suffers. Here's the problem.

For the second winter, we decided to protect the fluffy, soft paws of our dog as much as possible. And they began to pick up shoes for her.

Boots for dogs

In our town, boots for dogs were not particularly pleasing with a wide range, they chose from what was on the shelves of pet stores. On the Internet, of course, the assortment is brighter both in quality and in prices. But, they did not dare to blindly order in online stores. Still, we are buying shoes for the first time, and we needed the help of a consultant. So we took the dog under our arms to keep clean paws and went to the pet store to try on shoes.

Which dog shoes are right for us

Zipper and Velcro. Shih Tzu are babies with short legs. Therefore, not all shoes are suitable. It seemed to us very uncomfortable shoes without a zipper, it is inconvenient to put a shaggy soft foot through the top. With a zipper, everything turned out to be much simpler: I unzipped the zipper, carefully put the foot, and fastened the zipper. Finally, you need to tightly clamp the boot with Velcro around the paw.

Boots with insulation inside. We measured boots with insulation. But, I found it to be extremely redundant. The paw of the dog is already furry. And the main task of the boot is to provide the paws with dryness, thanks to which it will be warm. In addition, it is not yet known how this insulation will behave after the fifth or tenth walk (rolls, breaks, etc.). The model of boots with insulation flew off the paws in a matter of minutes. So we came to the conclusion that for paws that are rich in their own wool, boots with insulation are useless.

Material. Before shoeing a dog, you need to decide for yourself the very reason why she needs shoes. Ideally, of course, do not wear shoes at all - this is a dog. But, after all, you want to see her cute, funny - then you buy shoes made of plush, suede, leotards, with beads, bows, etc. If there is a question about protecting the paws, you should pay attention to materials that will really protect the paws of the animal - waterproof, moisture resistant, frost-resistant, etc. In my opinion, it is worth paying special attention to this. So we also bought shoes from the same material as her raincoat, like my umbrella.

Dog boot size selection. Our store had dog boot sizes from #0 to #5. For our little Shih Tzu, shoes of size #3 came up. If you choose a larger size than you need, there is every chance of losing them while walking. You will not have time to blink an eye, as one shoe will be gone. And where to look for it? When did she lose him? It’s good if your dog is already out of childhood and obediently stomps on your heels. But, when a child is one and a half years old, the interest to fly a bullet through the snow in boots is doubled.

Sign of attentionProper selection of the size of shoes for dogs and well-sealed Velcro around the paw increase the chances of not losing the shoes during the walk. Therefore, it is best to come with a dog to a pet store and select shoes on the spot, using the services of a consultant.

Tenshi Shih Tzu

Dog getting used to shoes. The consultant girl, who helped pick up shoes for us, said that our dog is the ideal of obedience and patience. Often dogs are brought in for fitting, which actively resist, bite their hands, break out, squeak and resent. Therefore, when going to the store to try on dog boots, be prepared for possible resistance from your pet. Grab a muzzle and snacks just in case.

positive emoticonAnd at the expense of Shih Tzu, the fact is that patience and calmness are in their blood. Therefore, we did not have any problems with fitting and getting used to. Our first walk in boots was quite successful and our dog seems to like it. After all, she used to suffer from snow, which constantly stuck balls on her paws and interfered with full walking. On the second day, Madame in boots walked like a catwalk.

In all these days, I have never had to wash her paws after walking - this is exactly what I was striving for. Everyone is happy.


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  1. Catherine
    10.12.2018 at 21: 40 Reply

    Good article. Thank you! I will share my experience. I’m already old and after the cut - the wound on my paw began to heal badly - shoes are the only way out. I bought rubberized slippers at the pet store - it protects the wound perfectly and does not need to be washed after a walk, which is also a definite plus. Donna got used to it quickly, looks cute)))