Booth for dogs. Why you need to equip a place for dogs - 6 reasons

I would like to draw your attention to such an important moment in the life of your pet as a private place in the house, or a dog house. In fact, the question is much deeper psychological than it seems at first glance. Let's look at this issue in more detail, from the point of view of zoopsychology.

I am approached for the services of training naughty dogs with such problems:

- dogs do not follow commands at home or in the yard;
- "steal" take from the table;
- go to the toilet in the apartment or mark the territory;
– scatter their toys all over the house and yard;
- bite and try to dominate the family;
- etc.

These problems may depend, among other things, on whether there is an organized place for your dog. Of course, each case (problem) must be considered separately, but often in the process it turns out that such dogs do not have their own equipped place.

A personal place, a booth for dogs is:

1.  Place for rest. In his personal equipped place, the dog can rest, psychologically relax, where he can be given peace and not touched. The dog can go to his personal place if he is unwell or when he is ill.

Booth - a place to relax

Its place is as an indicator of the health, activity and mood of the dog.

2. "Don't interfere." For owners, this is convenient if you cannot give the dog time and it interferes with your household chores. In this case, it can be sent to the place. For example: gets in the way when guests come or asks for food from the table during your dinner.

3. Punishment for disobedience. When your pet shows pushy behavior, you can use it as a punishment and send the dog to his personal place. For a dog, stopping the game and interacting with a person is a punishment, it will also show the dog who is the boss in the house and determine its status in the family. This technique should not be abused so as not to cause a negative attitude of the dog to its place, and there are other training methods for obedience.

4. “This is my territory, and this is yours!” Having equipped a place for the dog in the house or in the yard (booth, aviary), you define a personal territory for her, thereby determining “in absentia” that the rest of the territory in the house / yard is under your control. On your territory, the dog can do everything only with your permission or by serving you, thus you have every right to allow or not to do anything. Otherwise, the dog will consider the entire territory of the house or yard as his own, and may show naughty behavior, as a fight for this territory with the owner or other family members. This will in no way lead to a decrease in the instinct for protection and protection of the yard / territory, since you accept and reinforce this behavior in the process of training (the dog protects its “pack” - its family).

5. Protection. On the street, the booth also plays the role of protection from the elements: wind, rain, snow, cold, summer heat and heat.

booth - weather protection

You will not always be able to control or understand whether the dog has walked up and when to drive it home. And she can go to the booth at any time to restore her strength, hide from the elements, or simply wait for the owner.

6. Support for the "burrow" instinct. You must have come across a situation where a dog is digging a hole in the yard. Often they usually say about this that the dog buries the bones, hides them for later. Basically, it is. But if there was a booth, the dog could leave his things there: bones, sticks, toys.

nora - dog house

I was surprised when I let my pets while playing outside (even though the dogs lived in the house) dig a hole in one place. I thought that it would be better to have one hole than many holes in different places. After a certain time, it turned out that this was not a hole, but a full-fledged hole. Of course, this structure was not safe by my standards, as it could collapse, and this prompted me to fill in the hole and still put up a booth in the yard.

If you want your pet to grow up healthy, happy and obedient, you can make your own house for him or buy and install in the yard. You can read in the following articles about which dog kennels are the most comfortable and how to equip a place and a dog kennel. Subscribe to new articles and notifications.

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