What to feed dogs, the choice of food

The question of what is better to feed a dog that has settled in the house inevitably confronts every owner. There is no and cannot be an unequivocal answer to it - there are too many factors that tip the scales in one direction or another. Experienced dog breeders who have already mastered the selection algorithm do not need our tips. But for those who are just taking the first steps on the difficult path of coexistence with a four-legged friend, we will try to help not make “childish” mistakes.

I note right away that the choice of the most suitable food for your pet is a purely individual procedure, depending both on the personal preferences of the owner and the dog, and on financial capabilities. And, of course, from breed features, temperament and requirements for the exterior.

Feeding dogs

Porridge or crackers?

The choice between dry food and natural food is faced by the owner almost immediately, as soon as the puppy is out of infancy. What is the best dog food? In the minds of most of our compatriots, the opinion is firmly rooted that dry food is synthetics, surrogates, and there is no benefit from them. And I even agree with this opinion - if we are talking about the cheapest economy class feeds.

Buying a bag of granules of an unknown composition from an unknown manufacturer, you can, of course, run into the products of a new factory for the production of high-quality feed, which did not spend money on promotion and advertising, but invested in excellent equipment and high-quality raw materials. But it is much more likely to be compressed waste from a neighboring grain processing factory, generously flavored with dyes and flavors.

Sign of attentionPremium class feeds, and even more so professional feeds, undergo a lot of testing, the composition of the components must be indicated on the packaging along with feeding recommendations. High-quality dry food contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals in accordance with the recommendations for the target category of dogs. The developers have already thought and tested what is better to feed a dog of small breeds, and than a St. Bernard.

It is also worth noting the convenience of storage and use of dry food, which is very important in our hurried time. So, taking a step in this direction in response to the question of what to feed dogs, we leave the choice of food to professionals.

Feeding with natural products requires much more effort from the owner. Selection of a balanced diet that provides your pet with everything necessary, the time spent on cooking, a short shelf life of the finished feed. How do you feed your dog while traveling? Right, the choice of natural products is justified either with free access to a free source of meat, or as a favorite hobby of the owner.

What you should not do

There are two more possible ways: mixed feeding and "feeding what I eat." Both solutions will not benefit the dog. Mixed feeding (that is, feeding alternately dry food and natural products) can lead to serious digestive problems: the digestion of these types of food requires a completely different mode of operation of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the transition from one type of food to another should be gradual, without exposing the dog's body to unnecessary stress.

The food from our table is even less suitable for the dog. Of course, the dog will be happy to taste a meat chop or a delicious sweet candy, but why? Excessive amounts of salt in food can be dangerous for a dog, causing salt poisoning, and spices will lead to a malfunction of the dog's sensitive sense of smell.

Dog restaurant - cooking for your beloved pet

Having decided to feed a dog with natural food, the owner must know exactly which foods will benefit, and which ones should be avoided? Can you feed a dog chicken? And what kind of fish can you feed a dog prone to allergies? And many more important questions...

The basis of the dog's diet is meat. It is the main source of animal protein. Beef is best suited for a dog, and not tenderloin, but meat with inclusions of veins and cartilage. Offal is useful, but only in boiled form. Chicken and other poultry meat can be fed after deboning. Especially dangerous for a dog are tubular bones, which, when chewed by a dog, split into thin sharp fragments, similar to needles. The result can be very sad - damage to the esophagus and stomach, dangerous to the life of the animal. So think carefully before feeding your dog a delicious chicken leg.

positive emoticonAbout once a week it is advisable to give the dog fish. It not only supplies protein to the body, but also serves as a source of phosphorus. It is preferable to use small fish, pass it several times through a meat grinder along with the bones. The resulting minced meat can be seasoned with porridge. Marine fish are safer, river fish can become a source of infection with intestinal parasites. For dogs prone to allergies, it is recommended to use salmon.

Be sure to introduce vegetables (except potatoes) and cereals (except legumes and corn) into the dog's diet. Carrots can be given raw, grated and seasoned with vegetable oil. The remaining vegetables are best boiled and used for dressing cereals. From cereals, rice, buckwheat, oatmeal are recommended.

Fermented milk products serve as a source of calcium, so calcined cottage cheese, curdled milk, yogurt should also diversify the diet of a dog restaurant. And also a boiled egg (or raw egg yolk) - about once a week.

It is very important not to forget about the mineral-vitamin complex. Its composition depends on the breed, age and physical condition of the dog, so for the correct selection of all the ingredients of the vitamin "cocktail" it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Before you feed your dog, be sure to check the temperature of the food in the bowl. Food should not be too hot or cold. The best temperature is from room temperature to “fresh milk”.

And yet, the widespread belief that a dog can be fed spoiled food is deeply mistaken! Indeed, the level of acidity in the dog's stomach is quite high, so meat "with a smell" will not harm him. But sour soup is likely to cause severe indigestion.

You can get the most reliable and complete advice on how to properly feed a dog of your chosen breed from specialists in kennel clubs, breed communities and in special literature. And remember - by the appearance of your pet, an attentive owner will immediately understand whether the diet is chosen correctly. If the dog is cheerful, cheerful, active, has a shiny coat, clean eyes, then everything is in order!

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