What to feed a toy terrier. Menu for dogs

Small dogs of the toy terrier breed quickly won the hearts of women and children in big cities and beyond. Due to their cute appearance and smart, playful nature, miniature dogs bring a lot of joy and fun to the house. But, buying a toy terrier puppy is only the beginning of spending money, time and nerves. Dogs of this breed are very demanding on themselves, on their health, which, first of all, consists in nutrition.

Remember: Your dog's health is in your hands!

When wondering what to feed a toy terrier, you also need to remember that your baby is a dog. And this means that feeding the toy should also be based on the general rules for feeding dogs. I suggest you consider them first.

Dog nutrition basics

Products. Don't feed your dogs food from your table. A separate menu should be drawn up for your pet, and the only way it differs from the menu of the average person is that it must be absolutely healthy. How many things in these words, right? These are products such as: sea fish, lean meat, low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk, chicken yolks, quail eggs, vegetables, fruits, honey, seaweed, cereals, etc. And no sausages, fried, smoked and canned. We have already considered all these products in more detail in one of the previous articles on the rules for feeding dogs. Therefore, I do not want to repeat myself, but I invite you to read - here.

PozitivchikFrankly, after observing the health of my dog, I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to join her menu. The products that the stores offer us are far from healthy products. Sausages, sauces, preserves and even bread do not bring proper benefits to the human body and are harmful to some extent. Therefore, my dog ​​and I eat the same foods, but from her menu.

Feeding frequency. Despite the tragic, pleading, soul-rending look of your dog, you must feed him on schedule. An adult dog needs to be fed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, preferably after a walk. And do not fall for her antics and pleas. Otherwise, you risk endowing your dog with obesity, various diseases and pampering. How many times a day you need to feed a dog depending on age, read the article about indicative feeding schemes, which were written earlier in the blog.

Toy Terrier

Balance in dog nutrition. Many dog ​​owners feed their pets from their table with the expectation that the dog thus receives the necessary nutritional components. Like, everything that the body needs will be taken, and everything that is not needed will go away. But, everything that is not needed does not always go away, but accumulates in the body and, as a result, we observe allergies and other diseases. Therefore, it is better to still balance the nutrition for dogs according to their menu, where there is not a lot of salt, sugar, spices, preservatives, fatty, fried, smoked, etc.

To get a little closer to the ideal feeding of dogs, remember how wolves eat. Firstly: they eat herbivores and first of all tear the stomach of the victim to get semi-digested grass, cereals. Let's conclude: we feed the dogs with cereals (boiled or scalded in boiling water). Further, the wolves eat the meat of the victim and WARNING: leave the bones! The meat of wild herbivorous animals is not fatty, since these animals are in constant motion (remember a field hare, roe deer, bird or wild boar). Therefore, a domestic fat immobile pig will only harm the dog.

Don't give bones to dogs! 

Dogs can't have bones

To understand how much a particular pet is an omnivore, herbivore or predator, in order to make the right menu for it, you should analyze its teeth. Animals such as cows, horses, goats, rabbits, hamsters have mainly teeth that help them tear and grind grass, vegetables, cereals. They have no fangs. So there is no need to eat goat meat. Cats and dogs have teeth designed to tear out a piece of meat. This means that these pets should be given for breakfast and dinner mainly fish and meat dishes. And only a small percentage of cereals, fruits, vegetables to maintain the stomach in the required state.

PozitivchikAnd here's a task for you at your leisure: how many percent of meat should be in a person's daily diet, based on the number of teeth special for this product? After all, a person has fangs, and incisors, and teeth for grinding grass and cereals. Man is considered an omnivore. How many percent are we carnivores, and how much are herbivores? Here, nature itself tells us the perfect balance of nutrition.

Many write about dry food, where the nutritional balance is ideal for almost every breed of dog. I am a supporter of natural products, so, with your permission, I will not bother to write about dry food. To do this, I may single out a separate article.

How to feed a toy terrier

So, we have reviewed with you the basics of the basics of dog nutrition. And now back to the question - how to feed the toy terrier. In this case, everyone is interested in a clear menu, with prescribed products. I do not have a toy terrier, but also a small dog. And I, based on the menu of my pet, will try to make a menu for the toy terrier. And of course, I will take into account all the necessary features of the breed.

Menu for a toy terrier for a week

Morning - beef (cut into small pieces, or make minced meat) + rice;
Dinner - homemade cottage cheese (you can add honey or egg yolk, or wheat germ oil);
Evening - sea fish (salmon, pollock, etc.) + grated carrot.

Morning - beef + oatmeal;
Dinner - kefir or fermented baked milk;
Evening - sea fish + sea kale (clean);

Morning - beef liver + buckwheat;
Dinner - boiled beets + carrots + zucchini;
Evening - sea fish + sauerkraut.

Morning - beef + rice;
Dinner - homemade cottage cheese;
Evening - sea fish + grated carrots.

Morning - beef + oatmeal;
Dinner - kefir or fermented baked milk;
Evening - sea fish + seaweed.

Morning - beef liver + buckwheat;
Dinner - vegetables;
Evening - sea fish + sauerkraut.

Morning - beef + rice;
Dinner - homemade cottage cheese;
Evening - sea fish + greens (parsley, dill).

From the above products, you can create a menu for puppies by adding the number of feedings per day from fermented milk products. The fact is that when kids grow up, they need calcium for the skeletal system, and of course protein.

Some recommendations from personal experience

1. Meat, fish, cottage cheese can and even need to be frozen in portions. Thus, it will be convenient for you to always keep the necessary products on hand, as well as rid them of bacteria.

2. Porridge can be slightly salted, use sea salt.

3. Kefir for my baby, I buy children's fortified and advise you.

4. Cottage cheese can be found fat-free, but it will not be homemade. I preferred homemade, albeit greasy. It's better than store bought. I give a little bit so that the fat content does not hit the baby in the liver.

5. Feeding a dog beets is very useful. Don't be alarmed when you see her pissing burgundy piss. This is fine.

6. Do not increase portions more than necessary.

7. Many experts recommend giving vitamins to dogs. My dog ​​has grown up in great shape without them. You can try to treat your vitamins. But, it is better not to accustom her body to ready-made artificial vitamins, let them suck them out of natural products. That's why we feed them.

AttentionFeeding, no matter how correct, will not save your dog from diseases, allergies, if you originally bought a disease-prone puppy. Do not buy dogs at low prices, be sure to analyze the health status of their parents, as well as check all the necessary documents that are provided to you along with the puppy.

Portion and proportions

In the comments, people ask me about the size of portions, down to grams. Therefore, I decided to write it directly into the article.

There is no single serving size! For all dogs - the portion is selected individually. It depends on the age of the dog, its mobility, general health, whether it is neutered, thin, plump and much more.

You can choose a portion for your dog only by watching how he eats. You will know when your dog is full, even if he continues to eat. This will be noticeable by the intensity of absorption of food. It takes a few days to find the norm for your pet. So be patient and watch.

Take the proportions of porridge and meat 1:3 (if your dog is prone to allergies) or 1:2 (if the dog is in good health). Vegetables can replace porridge, or treat the dog between the main meals. Vegetables are well watered with vegetable oil of the first pressing (milk thistle, wheat germ, etc.).

If you decide to switch your dog from dry food to natural foods, you need to do it gradually, otherwise you can harm the pet's digestive system. After all, the stomach is used to digesting dry food and a sharp change in nutrition is a strong stress for the body.

Ask in the comments - I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Good luck and health to your cute toy terriers.

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  1. Nadezhda
    17.08.2014 at 07: 48 Reply

    Hello. My dog ​​(toychik) is 1 year old. Previously, they fed her ready-made dry food. feed, but now, since she refuses it, we decided to transfer her to feeding with ordinary products. I understood an example of allowed products, but I didn’t find how much to give them. Please tell me how many grams per day to give meat, porridge, cottage cheese and vegetables ?The weight of our baby is 1kg.800gr.

    • Natalia
      18.08.2014 at 23: 37 Reply

      Protein foods should not be given in large quantities - this can provoke allergies. Therefore, take one third of a serving of meat, or fish, and two thirds of boiled rice, buckwheat or oatmeal. It’s hard for me to advise you on the amount of food in grams, because I don’t know how energetic your dog is, how much time he spends frolicking on the street, and how much time he sleeps ... Watch how the toy eats: if it’s fast and with a feeling of hunger, then he does not eat up, lives with a feeling of slight hunger - increase the portion. If he eats imposingly and leisurely, then he is full in life (my dog ​​​​always eats imposingly) - keep the same portion. Cottage cheese should not be mixed with any other products, so as not to interfere with the absorption of calcium by the body (you can add a little honey). Vegetables are best given raw in between main meals, as a treat. Be careful with fruits, especially citrus fruits.
      Thanks for reading our blog! Let your baby pleases with his cheerfulness and health.

  2. Natalia
    19.08.2014 at 14: 43 Reply

    I have a toy 4 g. Feed dry. food, but she refuses it (I feed porridge with canned beef for small breeds. Teeth began to fall out. And terrible stones on the upper ones. What should I do?

    • Natalia
      19.08.2014 at 15: 00 Reply

      Hello! By the age of 4, many dog ​​breeds are already beginning to lose their teeth, and this is the norm. Refuses to eat, possibly because it's hot. Dogs have difficulty enduring heat: this is reflected in nutrition, health, and general mood. Do not rush to transfer sobunya to natural products. Let him starve a bit if he wants to. Feed with cottage cheese and kefir (these products contain a lot of calcium), indulge in pure raw meat (turkey, lamb, veal). With tartar, it is better to contact the veterinarian, they are removed only by physical means (they are picked out with the help of special tools). If the dog feels really bad, it is better to show it to the doctor.

    • Elena
      13.08.2015 at 17: 13 Reply

      My problem with the teeth of that terrier started at the age of 6. The first time they cleaned it with a ditch and soon the stones grew even worse, periodontitis began to develop. Toothpaste didn't help at all. I found PetzLife gel on the Internet (it's a gel, not a spray!), It's completely natural. I read reviews on American forums. The vast majority are positive. I've been using it for 3 months now. First, every day in the morning and evening (a small amount on the finger and apply on the teeth), then only in the evening, and now 1-2 times a week. I contacted the manufacturer in the States. According to him, since the gel consists of natural ingredients, there are no restrictions on use. I am satisfied with the result. Sometimes, for better results, I brushed my teeth with toothpaste to quickly clean off the stones. The stones have practically disappeared, the redness of the gums has disappeared.

  3. Helena
    19.08.2014 at 15: 12 Reply

    Good afternoon! Can you please tell me what to feed the toy? I would like to know exactly the proportions of the ingredients (what would not be superfluous or, on the contrary, not enough). Now we eat Royal Canin (hypoallergenic), it scratches our paws and ears (although everything is clean). Please, tell me the diet in proportions. Thank you.

    • Natalia
      19.08.2014 at 15: 26 Reply

      Hello! You're not the first person to ask about serving size, so I decided to write the answer directly into the article. Read the last paragraph
      Regarding the fact that he scratches his ears and paws: during the heat, dogs are exposed to a more intense invasion of parasites on the skin. It doesn't have to be fleas. There are many types of parasites that affect the skin of dogs and which we do not see. My dog ​​also started to itch a lot as soon as the heat came on. Including paws and ears. She scratched herself to the point of dermatitis. And I, on the contrary, transferred her to Royal Canin Hypoallergenic dry food (on the advice of a veterinarian). Have passed or have taken place course of treatment. Now everything is fine. I and you will advise to address to the veterinarian if the itch is very strong. And perhaps transferring the dog to natural products is not an option. Especially if she's allergic to you. Chicken, fruits, buckwheat, oatmeal - these and many other foods can provoke allergies. I think that it will be difficult for you to choose the right diet for your dog. Stay dry.

    • valentina
      04.09.2014 at 16: 35 Reply

      Thank you.
      Can you give baby food? Like beef with vegetables?

      • Natalia
        04.09.2014 at 17: 38 Reply

        I would not give - you can provoke an allergy. You can cook beef stew with vegetables yourself, chop and freeze in portions - this is much better. The main thing: do not use salt (perhaps a little, sea salt) and especially spices. The human menu (even if it is baby food) and the dog menu are significantly different from each other. What is normal for a person: salt, fragrant herbs, sunflower oil, a dog can irrevocably hit health. And don’t even compare the neighbor’s crossbreed dog, which eats soup and pasta with its owners and lives for 20 years, and your toychik, a decorative, clean baby, whose breeders have relied on pedigree and decorativeness to the detriment of good health. Better not experiment with food.
        I wish your baby health)))

  4. Elena
    19.08.2014 at 17: 09 Reply

    Thank you! Would you like to know GOLDEN EAGLE food better than Royal Canin? We have been eating Rol Canin since March of this year, and he is already eating not with pleasure. And the toychik is constantly begging (but we don't give anything else).

    • Natalia
      19.08.2014 at 18: 29 Reply

      Better or worse - you can't say that. Because one food suits a dog, another may not. You need to look not for “I want - I don’t want”, but for the general state of health of the dog. Once I was feeding my dog ​​Royal Canin food, and then I spied on a friend how she feeds her Purina Pro Plan food and decided to try it too. As a result, after the first pack, my dog's eyes began to water heavily, the white muzzle turned red (I call it rust), and this rust began to spread to her snow-white paws and to the groin area. Later I found out that it was an allergy. It took me 4-5 months for the muzzle and paws of my baby to become snow-white again. Nothing rusts from Royal Canin. I don't think a dog's appetite will change much from changing dry food from one to another. But, you can try. If you notice an improvement, then the GOLDEN EAGLE food is suitable for your dog. There is another option that your dog has simply already eaten in his life and he wants his digestive system to rest. If I were you, I would rather pamper the dog with fresh meat and vegetables, without giving up dry food. ))

  5. Valentina
    04.09.2014 at 14: 14 Reply

    Good afternoon.
    Tell me, do you need to cook meat and vegetables? I have a mini toy terrier 1,5 months old.
    Thanks in advance!!))

    • Natalia
      04.09.2014 at 16: 28 Reply

      The kid is still quite small, in order to protect his body from all sorts of parasites, it is better to boil the meat, as well as grind it. It is better to give vegetables to the baby boiled (especially carrots), since his stomach is still quite tender. At an older age, it is better to feed the dog with raw vegetables, since all the vitamins are stored there and it is useful for the teeth to gnaw on the same carrots. Later, it is also good to give meat and sea fish raw, but pre-frozen.
      Thank! )))

  6. Nadezhda
    04.09.2014 at 15: 54 Reply

    Please tell me the rules of mixed nutrition (i.e. ready-made dry food + natural food)

    • Natalia
      04.09.2014 at 16: 15 Reply

      As a rule, it is not recommended to mix dry food and natural products in one plate. The stomach can tune in to digesting either dry food or natural products. Recently I have been giving my dog ​​dry food (due to allergy treatment), but the veterinarian did not forbid sometimes giving rice with beef for dinner, or cottage cheese for breakfast. That is, in the morning you can give the dog a portion of dry food, and in the evening treat it with meat with porridge or vegetables. This is called mixed nutrition.

  7. Anna
    20.03.2015 at 20: 41 Reply

    Hello. My toy terrier has digestive problems. Is your menu right for us?

    • Natalia
      21.03.2015 at 06: 43 Reply

      Hello! I think the first thing to do is figure out what exactly caused these problems. And the root will be precisely in the wrong diet. And then solve the problem and select products. Try to reduce the portion weight (this is important!) and reduce the intake of meat / fish to 2-3 times a week (raw frozen, no porridge). From cereals, use rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, seasoned with oil and boiled vegetables.
      This menu, I think, does not suit your toychik, because it contains products that are not compatible with gastrointestinal diseases, such as sea and sauerkraut, raw vegetables (it is better for yours to give boiled ones). Dairy products should be homemade, not store-bought - this is also very important.
      And if you still haven't gone to the vet, be sure to do so.
      I wish your toy terrier a speedy recovery, and good mood to you!

  8. Irina
    11.04.2015 at 19: 35 Reply

    Hello! Please tell me, today we bought a toy terrier girl, before the owners fed her with ordinary dog ​​food! What should I feed her now? And how many times? She's five months old!

    • Natalia
      17.04.2015 at 12: 40 Reply

      Hello! At first, you need to feed the puppy with the same food that its previous owner fed - dry food (you can choose a higher quality). If you decide to switch your puppy to natural foods, do it gradually, introducing new foods into the diet little by little.

      • Daria
        20.07.2015 at 17: 20 Reply

        My toy is 11 months old. He has lost a lot of weight in the last month. And my mouth started to stink. Maybe I'm not feeding him right?

        • Natalia
          23.07.2015 at 16: 11 Reply

          Possibly worms. Contact your veterinarian for advice.

  9. Daria
    13.04.2016 at 21: 21 Reply

    Hello, I would like to know when (in how many months) they are vaccinated against rabies, please tell me if you know. I would like to buy a toy, but I don’t know how to understand if a pet is vaccinated against rabies.

    • Ludmila Markina
      07.06.2016 at 10: 41 Reply

      Hello. Dogs are usually vaccinated against rabies at 6 months of age. Therefore, if you buy a puppy younger, then naturally he has not yet been vaccinated against this disease, and if older, then in the veterinary passport (and each dog must have its own veterinary passport), there should be a sticker with the date and name of the vaccine.

  10. Anastasia
    21.07.2016 at 10: 50 Reply

    hello, tell me that she doesn’t eat vegetables .... and porridge, according to the density, what consistency should be

    • Ludmila Markina
      15.11.2016 at 10: 34 Reply

      here you need to get used to it and experiment, because every dog, like every person, has its own taste preferences. Your dog probably prefers meat, if so, then try adding minced meat from boiled meat to porridge and vegetables. So the dog will not be able to choose only meat from the dish, he will have to eat porridge with vegetables in order to feast on meat. You can also try adding a little broth or a couple of drops of olive oil to this mass.

  11. Tamara
    17.08.2016 at 18: 58 Reply

    Hello. My friends went on vacation, asked to take a dog for a while, when they brought me, I was very upset, you won’t look at her without tears. Toychik is 2 years old, he weighs less than a kilogram, he is so thin, he shakes, his exterior is completely broken, it seems that his hump is growing, his legs are thin. Each vertebra is palpable on the spine. Eats very badly. Please advise me how to feed him so that he gains weight, at least a little, maybe some vitamins are needed. I really want to treat him a little.

    • Ludmila Markina
      15.11.2016 at 10: 43 Reply

      Well, knowing Toychikov, I can say that they are all on very thin paws. We must first figure out if this is his norm, or, nevertheless, he is thin for his breed. And then, you know, they are such toys, slender, slim. If, all the same, this is thinness, you need to consult a doctor, check the health of the dog, take tests, rot worms, and experiment with food, find out what the dog prefers to eat, then give it most often and combine with other products

  12. Catherine
    04.10.2016 at 11: 36 Reply

    Good afternoon. Please tell me, my Toychik is 4 months old. Is it possible to feed a dog both food and regular food? Isn't it harmful to the liver, I'm afraid to plant it? he eats everything and buckwheat and rice, and chicken, during the day the food is a little bit hungry, a friend found out that I feed like this and said that this should not be done or fed with food or feed. Everyone says different things, I don't even know who to believe

    • Ludmila Markina
      15.11.2016 at 16: 38 Reply

      Good afternoon. It is possible to do so. But if your toy, with great pleasure, eats everything, and it does not make it difficult for you to feed him with a natural food (boiled meat, porridge, vegetables), then it is better to switch to natural

  13. Sofia
    15.10.2016 at 11: 34 Reply

    Hello, is it possible to feed a puppy with canned food?

    • Ludmila Markina
      15.11.2016 at 16: 40 Reply

      you can, with special canned food for a puppy, or canned food of pure meat and porridge without spices, seasonings, and of course there should not be any ketchup, sauce, oil, etc.

  14. Shironina Larisa
    16.11.2016 at 18: 03 Reply

    My mini toy is 1,5 years old. He eats only boiled meat, sometimes a little dry food. He categorically refuses any other food. While healthy. How to teach him to eat other foods?

    • Ludmila Markina
      22.11.2016 at 08: 02 Reply

      in other ports to which you want to accustom, for example, to boiled carrots, add a little either chopped food, or minced meat or boiled meat. Have you tried giving your toy little pieces of apple or sweet fresh carrots? Dogs usually love these foods and they are healthy.

  15. Ludmila
    21.11.2016 at 21: 14 Reply

    my left ear stopped standing for 4 months. shoes. I bought a vein bone, gnaws it with pleasure.

    • Ludmila Markina
      22.11.2016 at 08: 10 Reply

      you have created a good menu for your toychik, well done. You can also add chopped fresh carrots with olive oil and an apple for dessert

  16. Ludmila
    22.11.2016 at 20: 27 Reply

    I give apples all the time and gnaws carrots, but what to do with the ear, do you think it will get up on its own or do something

    • Ludmila Markina
      23.11.2016 at 22: 17 Reply

      First you need to understand the reason why the ear fell. Here are the possible causes of temporary pinching of the ear: vaccination, changing teeth, colds. In these cases, after eliminating the cause, the ear will rise.

  17. Olga
    28.11.2016 at 06: 23 Reply

    What medicine is better to anthelmintic a toychik?

    • Ludmila Markina
      28.11.2016 at 11: 52 Reply

      There are some great options: Bayer Procox slurry; Bayer Drontal Plus tablets; drops on the withers from ticks, fleas and worms Bayer Advocate; suspension Api-San Prazicide

  18. Polina
    26.12.2016 at 14: 17 Reply

    Very good article! But my toychik is 2 months old and I don’t know what to feed him, what not. And I don't even have a sample menu. Help me please!

  19. Nadezhda
    08.06.2017 at 05: 35 Reply

    Hello. Please tell me what kind of offal you can feed a toy terrier (3,5 years old).? I realized that you can have a liver, kidneys, heart, but whose exactly? Beef, chicken?

    • Ludmila Markina
      13.07.2017 at 16: 15 Reply

      Better beef, some dogs are allergic to chicken meat. And if there is no allergy, then you can give chicken offal.

  20. Tatyana
    08.09.2017 at 10: 36 Reply

    hello, 2 toys, girls, 1 and 3 years old. different in color and composition. I started to feed from different plates, they still eat from two. I always cook chicken meat and stump and ventricles and add porridge, so they are cunning, they will pull out the meat, but they don’t eat porridge. they eat chicken necks well, can they eat necks with bones.? and yet, you wrote only 3 types of porridge, but others cannot, for example, millet, wheat, barley? thank you in advance for your response

  21. Natalia
    09.10.2017 at 14: 44 Reply

    Hello. Please tell me how and in what form to give the liver. Raw, boiled or some other cooking option. Thank you.

    • Oksana
      28.11.2018 at 14: 50 Reply

      It is better to boil the liver, boil quickly and it is easier for the dog to eat

  22. Catherine
    25.12.2017 at 08: 15 Reply

    Hello! We were given an adult toy terrier, he is 5 years old. Tell me how to feed him at that age and how long will he live in our family (he used to eat only homemade food from the owners table)?

  23. Karina
    29.06.2018 at 22: 01 Reply

    How exactly to give vegetables in what form?

    • Konstantin Markin
      27.08.2018 at 11: 59 Reply

      Need to try. Everyone is different, some need to be steamed, some are good raw.