Dog Ear Cleaning - The Basics

Everyone who has dogs wants their pets to stay beautiful and, most importantly, not get sick. To do this, you must carefully monitor the condition of the animal and regularly perform hygiene procedures. Even if your efforts do not bring pleasure to either you or the dog, you cannot refuse them. But they must also be done correctly. Consider one of these procedures - cleaning the ears of a dog.

Dogs with expressive ears

Without knowing the intricacies of this matter, one can not only hurt a living being, but also harm his health. If you're hesitant, impatient, and generally don't want to do the cleaning yourself, finding a veterinarian to do the job shouldn't be difficult. The rest of the dog owners are encouraged to act according to the instructions.

First you need to purchase tools that are suitable for this procedure. It can be either cotton pads or cotton balls. It will be much more convenient to work with pads, as they are thinner. You can use a bandage, gauze, after wrapping it around your index finger.

Dog ear cleaningBefore the procedure, you need to be patient and have free time, as haste in this matter can only do harm.

To make cleaning your dog's ears less uncomfortable, invite your pet to take a comfortable position for him. Try to create comfortable conditions for him. At first, you can just massage the dog's ears, they love it. When the pet is relaxed, start brushing. First, moistening the swab in a special solution (for example, mix vinegar and warm water in a 50/50 ratio in a bowl), treat the inside of the ear. Move slowly, from top to bottom very carefully.

Sign of attentionRemember, you do not need to clean too deeply, only a specialist can do this. Wipe only the part of the ear that you can see clearly. This will be quite enough as a basic care for your pet's ears.

Make sure that during processing, liquid does not flow into the ear, because an infection can also get there with it. And if the water is still numb, give the dog the opportunity to shake his head and thereby get rid of it.

And another very important note: if you notice that the dog is unwell and his ears hurt, immediately contact a special clinic for examination and further treatment. And the procedure for cleaning the ears, postpone until recovery.

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