Chihuahua is a small dog with a big heart

Chihuahua is a small dog. This is a mobile, cheerful creature, with funny habits and a curious character. Their small body contains a big heart, a wide soul and a sharp mind. These dogs are said to have originated as early as 1500 BC. In the civilization of the Maya, Toltecs and Aztecs, these babies were called "techichi" and revered as a sacred dog.

chihuahua shorthair

It was believed that techichi bring happiness and joy to the house. And this is true, the chihuahua very quickly adapts to the character and mood of the owner, and tries to fill the niche that is empty. "Chi" is always ready to replace the one you lack: an attentive and patient listener, a reliable friend, a child, sister or brother, who will play with children with pleasure, or brighten up leisure time for the elderly.

chihuahua puppy

He will take part in all your affairs - whether it's walking, cleaning around the house, working in the office (where the dog can sleep peacefully while his beloved owner is working), or going to visit, where the baby will undoubtedly be the center of attention of all those present.

PozitivchikOne of the many virtues of the Chihuahua is its calm disposition. This dog is a diplomat - he gets along well with all pets and loves children very much. Chi will gladly accompany you wherever you go. With it, you will be allowed into any store, administrative institution, and even a pharmacy. It may simply not be noticed on your hands.

Chihuahua is a very smart and quick-witted dog, easy to train. They are happy to perform different commands, tricks, bring the ball, they love to play games.

Chihuahua variety

The cups are distinguished by a rich palette of colors. In addition, there are long-haired Chihuahuas (with a straight or wavy coat) and smooth-haired (with a very short coat, like velvet, or a little longer with a soft undercoat). The wool is very soft and silky. And yet, these crumbs have insanely beautiful, large, all-understanding eyes. Eye color can be black, like embers, brown, green, gray and blue.


Chihuahua care

Caring for this breed is quite simple. This applies to both shorthaired and longhaired Chihuahuas. It is enough to comb a long-haired dog with a special comb at least once a week, and a short-haired dog with a bristle brush, trim the claws every 2-3 weeks, and clean the ears every week. It is necessary to bathe only as it gets dirty, or before the exhibition. If it's hot outside, you can rinse your pet, they love it very much. After each walk, do not forget to wash the paws and check for ticks. If you are very busy, walk your pet once a day. And in order to avoid walking in bad weather and the cold season, you can easily teach "chi" to a cat's tray or diaper.

Food for chihuahua

Chihuahuas eat everything, the main thing is not to give fatty, smoked, legumes, flour, sweets. They love fresh vegetables very much, and as a treat, you can offer fresh fruits, they love them very much, but nuts should not be given. An adult Chihuahua needs to be fed twice a day, just like any other dog. And do not forget, this is not a shepherd dog, the stomach of a Chihuahua with thimble, do not overfeed, this is fraught with distension of the stomach, pancreatitis, obesity. Take care of your pet's health, and he will give you happiness and good mood.

Ludmila Markina

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