Keeping a dog is time and money.

Each person in his own way gives meaning and understanding to all the necessities that are needed to keep a dog. First of all, everyone who wants to buy a puppy should understand that this is not a soft toy and not colorful pictures that encourage you to buy a dog. Not infrequently, the acquisition of a dog is like an experiment that represents a vague future for a pet. And already after the appearance of a puppy in the family, it turns out that a great need for keeping a dog is time and money, which are often not able to allocate a family for a pet. Further, it turns out that in order to get the desired behavior from the dog - you need to deal with it a lot on your own, or hire an experienced trainer.

Time for training

Surely, each of you has seen obedient dogs that walk on a leash and do not pull the owner along, as well as those that can walk without a leash at all, stepping in the right direction, and are not distracted by other dogs and cats when interacting with the owner. And they also obey the owner impeccably and the first time they execute commands given by voice or gesture. Yes, this is an ideal picture and quite real for our cities, where there are schools for dog training.

time for dog training

The dog behavior described above is only elementary school for dogs - an obedience course or a general training course. In higher education, dogs, like people, have specializations: security, hunting, service, etc. Each specialization has its own training. If dogs are so capable, is it really impossible for the owner to teach elementary (which any dog ​​should know) obedience commands? In practice, it turns out to be more difficult than it seems at first glance.

If the state or cynological unions could regulate and oblige each new dog owner to undergo training for their pet, or pass exams in the theory of training and dog management, many problems could be avoided.

money for a dog

Usually, the funds that are needed to maintain a puppy in the first year of his life are much higher than the cost of the animal itself. When purchasing an expensive breed, your costs do not end there. The purchase of food, care products, accessories, as well as training, veterinary medicine, entail quite high costs. Not to mention the necessary time for communication with the dog, which contributes to its development, obedience, or at least problem-free behavior. Such costs must be taken into account by each person at the time of purchasing a puppy. This is one of the main questions that a future dog owner should be asking – what are the costs of keeping a dog for me?

money for a dog

If you buy a dog from a breeder, you should be aware that their puppies receive fairly good care, as breeders are interested in developing good offspring of purebred dogs, thereby investing a lot of money in this. Do not be surprised that some puppies of purebred dogs are highly priced. You should also check all the necessary documents and condition of the dog before buying a puppy for a high price.

attentionImportant to understandthat until the age of one, when the puppy is actively growing, it entails high costs, and after a year, the costs become less. That is, the amount of feeding is decreasing, training is already being consolidated, vaccinations are getting smaller, and so on.

Of course, living with a dog is great. Pay attention - not the dog lives with you, but you with it. Since it is not uncommon for dog lovers to change their lives, landmarks, environment and much more due to the fact that a four-legged friend lives with them. And remember, by acquiring a dog, you are acquiring a friend who is completely dependent on you. Weigh the pros and cons before bringing a dog into your home. And if you ironically decided and figured out for yourself what you need to keep a dog, welcome to another world - the world of friendship between a man and a dog.

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