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Every summer I, my family and our beloved dog named Bona rest at my grandmother's dacha. She loves to live there. Bonochka is not a purebred, and was taken by me in a shelter as a small puppy, and has been living with us for almost 6 years! She is a rather big dog, very similar to a husky mixed with a shepherd dog. She is a very loyal and kind dog, and we love her very much.


So, last summer we rested at the granny's. Not far from our dacha there is a pond and lakes, and my brothers and sisters and I often ride bicycles there, and Bona, of course, runs with us. It is very beautiful there: green fields, small bays, reeds and ducks, there are also swans with herons. Like in a Russian fairy tale. Our Bona loves to swim and play in nature!

Bona for the competition

This time my younger brother and sister went with me. We had fun together, played pranks, threw sticks to Bona, and she brought them to us. But there are also bays in which fire trucks draw water, and it’s quite dangerous to swim there, since there are no shores in such bays! Behind the place of the sandy bank there is a concrete slippery slope. It is very easy to slide down into the water, but then you can not climb back. But that didn't stop us.

I threw a stick into this bay, and my dog ​​happily ran there and quickly found it in the water. When Bona swam up to the concrete slope, she began to crawl along it with difficulty. But, getting close to the middle of the descent, Bonochka began to roll into the water. She was filled with fear, but still did not lose heart and crawled more and more diligently down the slope, which eventually became very slippery. I tried to help her, but I was also afraid to slide into the water, because then there would be even less chance of getting out of the water.

I took a stick and lowered it to Bona, but she could not grab it. She had less and less strength left. And, in the end, I also accidentally rolled into the water. Since I could not swim well, I started to panic and began to look for ideas for salvation. My brother and sister cried. I tried to calm them down, saying that everything will be fine, we will get out. But it didn't calm them down.

And so, I noticed large iron buildings not far from us, from which, apparently, fire trucks are drawing water. And, holding on to them, it was possible to get out on land. I swam to them, my dog ​​swam after me. It was scary, the water was cold, and it was urgent to get out. We swam, I grabbed the piece of iron and began to climb the concrete. I was dragging my dog ​​behind me. And here we are out! Hooray!

They dried themselves in the sun and went home. This walk left scars and abrasions on my body. But the main thing is that we got out. Arriving home, we didn’t tell our parents anything, we had to lie, but later, anyway, we had to tell the truth.

Since that time, we no longer rode there, because we were not allowed, and we ourselves lost the desire to walk there. This is what happened to me and my beloved dog.

Nastya, 17 years old, Tolyatti, Samara region
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