How to name a bulldog

Choosing a nickname for French Bulldogs is always a very exciting and creative process, usually in an effort to become unique and stand out, the owners puzzle for a long time over how to name the French Bulldog boy or girl. Of course, everything here depends only on the owner’s imagination, but there are some points that can help you choose the most suitable nickname for your dog or, conversely, keep you from choosing the wrong one.

Considering the origin of the dog, rustic nicknames such as Zhuchka, Druzhka or Musi are not very suitable for this breed. They are more associated with the outbred origin of the dog, but not with the noble breed from France.

Bulldog names

As for any dog, it is recommended to give nicknames for French bulldog boys not ornate and consisting of 15 consonants, but sonorous and consisting of 2 syllables. If you definitely want to give your dog not the shortest nickname, try to have at least a consonant and short abbreviation for it.

It is never recommended to give human names of Russian origin to any dog ​​breeds. Firstly, it is not entirely ethical, and secondly, it can lead to a lot of embarrassment and unpleasant situations.

Try not to choose nicknames that are clearly inappropriate for this breed, which are not at all associated with them. For example, Thunderstorm, or Mukhtar. Nicknames suitable, for example, for watchdogs, on dogs of this breed will sound ridiculous, absurd and cause bewilderment among others.

Choosing a name with a foreign origin, you should first find out the meaning of this word. It can be consonant, but mean an offensive or completely inappropriate thing. This applies to words in any language. And you should be especially careful to choose consonant words in Japanese or Chinese, so as not to christen your bulldog with the Ringing Bell, the House by the Hill or the Ringing Pot.

positive emoticonWhen choosing a nickname for a dog, do not overdo it in the flight of your imagination. Trying to be original, some owners give their dogs really strange nicknames. Remember that you will most likely need to shout this word out loud in the street. Try not to cause panic or mass stupor among the people around you with your cry of nicknames. For example, bomb.

For each of the breeds of dogs there is a so-called set of typical nicknames. It is formed, as a rule, based on the purpose of each particular breed or country of origin. Often a nickname is chosen based on the appearance of the dog, its taste preferences, habits, size, or even the timbre of the voice.

For dogs of the French Bulldog breed, nicknames usually have the most direct relationship to the country of origin. These can be the names of famous French historical figures - Giovanni, Martin, Francois, actors - Pierre, Jean, Louis, Luke, characters - Maigret, Etienne, Oliver or just famous French names.

Boys' French Bulldog nicknames are usually given by choosing famous names from history, cinema, culture, or politics. The question of what to name a French bulldog girl also usually makes her owners raise the archives of French literature and history.

The most popular and successful nicknames for French Bulldog girls are: Adele, Assol, Aurora, Vespa, Bonnie, Debbie, Daisy, Gemma, Gracie, Jozzette, Olsie, Petra, Polly, Cherry, Helen, Eliza, Yuna.

The optimal and most appropriate nicknames for French Bulldog boys are: Allen, Butch, Jovan, Dave, Devon, Gerald, Jerome, Gaston, Conrad, Leo, Louis, Marquis, Oliver, Oli, Pierre, Simon, Fabien, Chester, Caesar, Frank, Frank.

When choosing a nickname for your pet, the owner can also proceed from its color, behavior, preferences or favorite treats in food, facial expressions or favorite activities.

If the dog is taken from a kennel, it may already be named or, if the puppy has just been born, the owner is usually given the first letter of the name, which goes the same for the entire given litter of puppies. There is already a decision for each owner individually - to follow the instructions and leave the existing nickname or give the baby a new home and a completely new name.

However, it should be remembered that the dog's nickname, like every person's name, is something with which she subsequently has to live her whole life. Therefore, this choice should be taken seriously and responsibly.

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