How to wean a dog from biting

If your dog bites, the best course of action is to consult with professional trainer. And only after talking with your family members, with you and after getting to know your dog, a specialist can give you an exact answer on how to wean a dog from biting. A professional will help you understand what is the reason for your pet's behavior, what measures to take and how to retrain the dog.

If we talk about the problem superficially, then I propose to break the situation down into points so as not to miss anything.

1. Determine the cause

Before proceeding with the re-education of the dog and wean it from biting, you should determine the cause of this behavior, find the root of the problem. Often it can be overexcitation and fear. Then you need to calm your excited pet, sit down next to him and support him mentally and physically in every possible way. Yes, if you have a small breed dog, take it in your arms. Do this even if your pet does not bite, but is simply confused or frightened of something. This is especially true for puppies. In this way, you will prevent shyness and imbalance in the future, when the baby grows up.

2. Command "no"

As soon as you bring a puppy into your home, from the first day you need to teach him commands such as “fu”, “no”. Then, in the future, it will be much easier for you to control the dog. In the basics of training, the obedience of an animal to a person is necessary. A person, in turn, must be demanding of his pet, thereby demonstrating his clear social superiority. If your pet is an adult dog who allows himself to use his teeth, you need to solve the problem during training. When he learns prohibition commands, such as “no”, it will be much easier for you to explain to your pet what is and is not allowed.

3. Psychological contact

In the relationship of the owner with the dog, psychological contact should always be well established. You must feel, know and anticipate all the actions of the pet. In a fraction of seconds, you can react with an action or command, and prevent unwanted dog behavior in any situation.

4. Dominate

You and every member of your family need to remember that the dog perceives you as a pack. Accordingly, you need to behave with your pet, given this fact, since he will always try to occupy the highest level of the hierarchy in the family, that is, in the pack. So, he will allow himself to use his teeth, trying to take control of the situation. The dominant behavior of the owner and the whole family is the basis for correcting the behavior of the dog. As soon as the puppy appears at your home, try to show your importance and majesty to him, even in the game. Show your dog his place in your pack. This is especially true for males.

dog in the familyThe dog in your family should be placed in the hierarchy after all other family members, especially children. By no means equal. If this happens, the dog will begin to dictate its own rules to everyone, and if it doesn’t like something, it will show its teeth and bite. Thus, the dog shows your place in the pack, where she took the highest step. Therefore, initially indicate to the pet its place. Due to the fact that a person does not bite like a dog, you should use other methods, thanks to which he will be able to understand you. And by no means do not hit the dogs - they will bite. And then you will think about how to wean a dog from biting and why it is so angry. Be an example for your pet.

author - Konstantin Markin
(animal psychologist, animal trainer)

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