How to make a cat and dog friends

Everyone knows that a cat and a dog, to put it mildly, are not the best friends. Rather, on the contrary, because when they say that they live poorly, constantly swearing, they mean precisely the “friendship” of such different animals. But in fact, if you love four-legged friends, and you already have a dog, and you decide to get a cat, it is not so difficult to make them bosom buddies. To get started, you can google and find on the global Internet a lot of photos of cats and dogs that peacefully doze side by side and eat from the same bowl. In general, inseparable friends. But in order to achieve such a complete understanding, to understand how to make friends between a cat and a dog and do it successfully, you will have to be patient.

Friendship of kittens and puppies

We can say that the best option for creating a friendly atmosphere in the house between animals is your decision to get yourself young animals. As a rule, puppies and kittens perfectly find a common language with a friend at first sight.


Not bad coexist and one adult animal with a "child".

adult animals

The most difficult option is when adult animals met in the house. But in this case, they can be friends. Wherein:

  • in the first acquaintance, be sure to take a closer look at their behavior and do not rush things;
  • give them a few minutes to sniff each other, take a closer look and get used to it;
  • at first, leave animal bowls in different corners, but in the same room;

positive emoticonA joint meal in the same room will allow you to consolidate a pleasant moment of feeding with the presence and smell of each other. However, in the future, do not forget, even if they eat from one bowl, it is necessary to use dishes divided into zones. Keep in mind that cat and dog diets are very different.

  • if the animals treat each other well, look at them for a while - there may be a misunderstanding turning into a “military conflict”;
  • when the dog is happy and wags his tail, or takes a position that invites to play, the king of beasts may perceive this as aggression;

In other words, a cat may perceive the manifestation of friendly feelings in a dog differently. If such a misunderstanding occurs, you should calm the cat - stroke and say a few gentle, soothing words. Over time, they learn to perfectly understand each other and not quarrel. In the future, when the "eternal enemies" become friends, they will even sleep together. Indeed, for a cat, a dog is an excellent live heating pad and reliable protection.

How to make a cat and dog friends

Summing up, it should be noted that even such different animals may well live in friendship and harmony, this requires time and patience.

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