How to show your dog who is boss in the house

Very often, many dog ​​owners admit that their pets are far from impeccable manners, but at the same time they continue to pamper them. And dogs, in turn, not accustomed to order and discipline, behave ugly both within the walls of their home and beyond. How to show the dog who is in charge, the leader is not difficult at all. Try the following few exercises.

Naughty dog ​​destroys owner's bed

1. Related. For two weeks (maybe longer) you will have to fasten one end of your pet's leash to his collar, and the other end to a rope tied around your own waist. And for about an hour, you and your pet, connected with each other, should move around the house and do routine things (wipe dust, wash dishes, fill out bills, and so on). At this time, try not to pay attention to the dog. The dog, following you, learns not only to follow the owner, but also realizes that you and your actions are important.

2. Sit command for your pet should become paramount and be carried out unconditionally. The food in the bowl, the treat, the permission to go for a walk, and so on, is the reward for the command. So your four-legged ward learns to understand that all the good things in his life come from the owner and only if he behaves according to your requirements.

3. Following in the footsteps of the owner. In the canine world, the “coolest” dog does everything first. In your family, the highest place in the hierarchy should belong to you. Therefore, the pet should follow the owner, going out the door for a walk, and not run ahead of him, go down the stairs after the owner, start eating at home only when all the other family members have dinner, and so on.

4. begging dog is a spoiled dog. Food from the owner's plate should be strictly prohibited for the pet. No leftovers from your table should not migrate into the dog's mouth.

begging dog

5. your bed should become a sacred place for the dog, in which only you sleep. And access to the master's bed is opened only with your permission, and not on your own.

When the dog knows his place and is accustomed to order, only then can discipline be relaxed.

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