How to tame a dog from the street. The first steps to friendship with a mongrel. Part 1

Pets can end up outside for a variety of reasons. They can be lost, run away, or abandoned by irresponsible and ignorant owners. As a rule, the fate of these unfortunate animals is deplorable. On the street, they may face new problems and circumstances that threaten their health and even life.

Many people, often children, who understand and empathize with the fate of such a lost or abandoned animal, pick it up. In order to find the lost owner or make friends and make a friend for life. Such a dog or cat will appreciate your gesture as if you saved his life, and will be grateful to you for your love and care. People who have taken to themselves for a while or forever often ask themselves the question - how to tame a dog from the street?

Sooner or later, four-legged friends may appear in the house, whether it be a planned acquisition or an accidental circumstance. If this is a long-awaited event, then the preparation takes place according to plan and long before the four-legged friend crosses the threshold of the house. But, often we are faced with preparations already in the fact that we have a new family member in our house. Therefore, you should know what needs to be done first of all, so that a new friend can easily join the ranks of the family. How to tame a dog from the street, and what are the first steps to friendship with him?

Search for previous owners

You still picked up a four-legged friend from the street, choosing the one who followed you and you could not resist the charm of a new “friend” or simply took pity on an animal that had lost care and shelter.

First of all, it is necessary to establish the state of health of the animal and whether it requires emergency veterinary care. You should also determine the age, gender and suggest the reason why this cat or dog remained on the street. Perhaps he just ran away from the owners and ran into your yard. Or this dog was left on the street for another reason, such as illness or aggressive behavior, or he was already born homeless. Often the reason can be banal - the previous owners did not have time for the dog and they put it out the door or it just ran away during a walk. We will never know the reason unless we find the owners themselves. Therefore, the search for the owners should begin immediately.

Post a notice in the places where you found the dog, ask passers-by if they have seen the dog before and if they know about the owner. If you manage to find the owner of the dog and reunite lost friends who love each other, you will be very grateful. Adult cats and cats are less likely to be put out the door and, as a rule, some can walk on their own in a city or town. Therefore, if there are clear signs that this is a homeless animal, hungry and dirty, then in such cases you can pick it up. Most often, these homeless are kittens.

What needs to be done first

Well, you started looking for the owner, and the dog is already in your house. If she is not injured and does not require veterinary care, then the first thing to do is to feed the animal and equip a personal place. The dog needs to sleep well and rest. It is unlikely that she had something like that since she was on the street.

How to tame a dog from the streetAfter that, you should feed the dog. But, make sure that the first feeding is easy. Otherwise, out of habit for the dog, you can harm the animal's digestive system. Treat your new friend with broth, porridge or cottage cheese. Place a container of water nearby so that the dog can drink enough water.

Do not demand precise obedience from the dog for the next couple of days. For a dog that has been abandoned on the street, everything that happens will turn into a lot of stress. Therefore, pulling her, playing and training right away is not worth it.

First, try to establish friendship and trust through food and care. Take your dog to the vet after 3-4 days. The veterinarian will be able to tell you a lot about the dog: its age, breed, health status, etc. The veterinarian will tell you what vaccinations you need to do and carry out some sanitary and medical procedures: drive away worms and fleas. Treat the dog with a spray, powder or put on a collar against ticks and fleas after you wash a new four-legged animal that has appeared in your home.

Guard against the instincts of freedom

Knowing how to tame a dog from the street, you can easily make a new friend for yourself. The dog from the street will be very grateful to you for your care. But, if she was born on the street, she may miss freedom. In this regard, you first need to watch the dog, so that the instinct of freedom again does not lead him into the yard and wandering. Do not leave the dog alone for a long time, give it your friendship and care, and then it will be your most devoted and faithful friend in life.

Read the continuation of the topic about dogs from the street - Part 2 и  Part 3. Where you can find out what are the best names to choose for your new friend, taking into account his past life. And also, where to start raising a pet.

author - Konstantin Markin
(animal psychologist, animal trainer)

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