Do-it-yourself dog house

Hello, in continuation of the topic - why you need to equip a place for dogs (6 reasons), I want to talk about how to make a do-it-yourself dog house and not leave your pet in the cold, or on rainy days without a roof over your head. In previous articles, we have already mentioned how important this structure is for the pet's health, including psychological, as well as for raising a dog.

Booths come in several types, which vary in design and size. But, the main thing is that it should be chosen specifically for your dog, including its size and your creative possibilities.

Where is the best place to place a booth

One of the important stages is the choice of the place where the booth will be located. The place should be dry, where water does not accumulate, and there is no constant dampness. It is good if it is located in an open, ventilated place, possibly with one or two blank walls (or a fence) that will protect it from strong winter drafts. Also, there should be a shade next to the place for the dog, where the pet can hide from the scorching sun.

AttentionThe booth on the territory should be located in a place where the dog can have a maximum radius of view, it is especially important that the gate and the gate are visible from the booth. This is necessary to maintain the instinct of protection - dogs tend to control the territory subject to them. It is desirable to have a booth closer to the entrance of the house - for frequent communication of the dog with you. This is necessary in order to have contact with the dog and to maintain his desire to serve you.

What size should the dog house be?

Also a lot of important point - the size of the home for the dog. The booth should not be small, it is inconvenient for the pet. And it should not be large, as drafts will walk in it, due to which the dog will freeze.

The booth should be of such a size that the dog can freely enter, turn around and lie down.

Below in the figure we give an example of how to take individual measurements for your dog. If you install a booth for a dog in puppyhood, then be guided by breed standards (sizes).

Do-it-yourself dog house

  • H - the height of the dog from floor to head is equal to W - the width and height of the booth can be added 5-10 cm;
  • L - the length of the dog is equal to the depth of the booth;
  • h - the width of the chest plus 5 cm is equal to the width of the manhole of the booth;
  • Wd - the height of the dog from the floor to the withers minus 5 cm is equal to the height of the manhole of the booth.

We take the obtained parameters as the basis for the internal space of the booth.

Booth materials

To build a simple do-it-yourself dog house, we will need boards so that the wood is of good quality, preferably hardwood - dry (as for furniture production), and then the little things: a saw, nails, screws, a hammer and a ruler for measurements and cutting boards to the parts we want.

Let's start making the booth:

  • start making the booth from the floor, you should attach the boards (grooved) well to each other so that there are no gaps and so that the dog's claws do not get stuck in it, and she could not destroy the floor. It is advisable to choose thick boards for the floor - so it will be warmer in winter and more durable;
  • a frame should be made from several boards;
  • then we take the boards and start nailing them to the frame, removing excess pieces from one and the other side, the inside of the booth should be well sealed, puttied - and remove knots, wrap or cut nails and screws if they stick out;
  • last we make the front wall with a hole. It needs to be cut well so that there are no knots, as the dog may get hurt. The threshold can be upholstered with linoleum - for durability;
  • after which we make a roof, it can be made different domed or classical - coal or shed - dogs like to sit on such a roof and observe. The roof must be removable and at the same time well attached to the frame. So that you can clean up in the booth or process from parasites;
  • for the durability of the booth on the outside, it can be painted, treated with an antiseptic or upholstered with fur bedspreads. There is no need to paint the booth inside - the dog can gnaw on the inside, fur can be nailed there;
  • at the booth you can make a couch where the dog can lie in the open air, in the fresh air and sunbathe. In terms of area, it can be like a floor in a kennel. The bed should be placed near the entrance.

A do-it-yourself dog house will turn out very well if you take into account all these important aspects that we have considered. We hope that this information will inspire and help you create a cozy and healthy home for your pet. You can also purchase a ready-made booth, or make it to order by contacting specialists.

author - Konstantin Markin
(animal psychologist, animal trainer)

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  1. Olga
    25.07.2017 at 13: 06 Reply

    Good afternoon!

    How to calculate W size?
    Is it possible to make it equal to H?

    Thanks in advance for the answer!

    • Konstantin Markin
      22.02.2018 at 20: 05 Reply

      We think yes. W - in order for the dog to enter and turn around. Enough and half L