How dogs bring happiness

Whatever breed the dog is, it will be the most beloved for its owner. But, there is one but! I am writing this based on my personal observations. And this, perhaps, for someone will seem completely absurd, but for someone it is pure truth. So, Your dog's breed affects your level of happiness in life .

I have a Shih Tzu - a homely, sweet, bright dog, with huge eyes and good morals. She is like a doll, pretty, small, funny and beautiful. I love tying ponytails on top of her head which makes her even more funny. Sometimes, in slushy weather, I put her in pink shoes. And then absolutely no one can pass by without smiling.

Yes, we will talk about the smile and positive emotions that my Shih Tzu evokes in passers-by. Every morning we go for a walk along the city streets, where everyone around is in a hurry somewhere, plunging into their heavy thoughts with their heads. And how fun it is to watch how these gloomy faces here and there suddenly lose all their heaviness and break into a smile. After all, it is impossible to pass by this dog without smiling. Well, no way!

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Moreover, absolutely everyone reacts, both women and men. Yes, by the way, men and Shih Tzu are a different story. These dogs can make even the most severe and unshakable man sentimental and soft in a matter of minutes. Therefore, if you have a strict husband, get a Shih Tzu. She will definitely melt his heart beyond recognition.

Particular attention to the Shih Tzu pours like a huge avalanche from the children. Toddlers reach out to her with delight. After all, this is a real live toy. Mothers lead their children to us by the hand as soon as they see us from afar.

This is how I become more and more happy walking my dog ​​every day. After all, passers-by around throw their positive emotions in our direction. As they say with the world on a thread - and the poor man's shirt. And it’s like this for me: with a smile from the world - here’s a whole happiness for you. And it is not for nothing that they say that Shih Tzu bring happiness to the house. It's true!

It would be good for me to end my train of thought on this note. But no. Everything is relative. So I want to ask you - does a boxer, pit bull, rottweiler or doberman, for example, make you smile? Is an ordinary passer-by ready to stop on the street near a girl with a shepherd dog and talk to her? Hardly. Most people try to avoid big dogs, they get scared. Moms take their kids away from the big dog walking area. And none of the passers-by, immersed in their thoughts with their heads, will smile in the direction of this girl with a shepherd dog. Nothing will happen. A passer-by will not give a drop of happiness.

Well, let. After all, the most important thing is that you have such a cool friend - a beloved dog, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a Shih Tzu, a pit bull or a boxer. They love us equally, thereby making us happy and without random passers-by.

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