How to choose a dwarf dog

"Compact" dog breeds are very popular right now. A small dog can be kept even in a small apartment, it does not cause much trouble, moreover, such dogs are accustomed to the tray, which means that daily walks are not necessary. Many people think that dwarf breeds have only one drawback: they will not be able to protect their owners in case of danger. However, when buying such a pet, you should know that it will require a lot of attention from you, and caring for a small dog is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.


Despite their diminutiveness, tiny dogs have a difficult character, but are strongly attached to the owner and remain faithful for life. The little dog takes up little space, eats little, but is still picky about food. From the first weeks of life, a pet needs to be accustomed to the tray, and then you will have one less concern: you will often not have to walk with the dog. From a little doggie there is a little wool and smell, you can take it with you to the store or on a trip. Another big plus: tiny dogs live much longer than their large relatives. It's all about animal benefits.


Small dogs also have disadvantages. Unlike large dogs, pygmy dogs require more grooming. They need regular grooming, brushing, brushing, nail trimming, frequent check-ups, and vitamin supplements. Breeds like the Toy Terrier are incredibly fragile and will need to be carried up and down stairs.

The carelessness of the owner can cost the dog life, because at night you can easily step on it if you do not turn on the light in the apartment. Perhaps this is the only reason dog handlers do not advise families with elderly people or small children to get a dwarf dog. Another thing is if the dog becomes attached to you tightly, and will be around the clock around the clock: eat with you at the table, sleep in the same bed.

It should also be noted that dwarf dogs have a rather loud and sonorous voice, so it will never be quiet in the house. As for the choice of breed, here the breeders have tried! There are dozens of breeds of small dogs, but some of them are the most popular.

Yorkshire Terrier - an excellent companion with a good sense of humor and a cheerful mischievous character. A terrier will follow its owner anywhere - a more devoted dog is hard to find. To become a decorative breed, Yorkies successfully caught rats. The hunting instinct can always wake up in this little dog, so do not be surprised if the terrier often brings you prey in the country.

Yorkshire Terrier

Terriers are considered the most comfortable dog breed for home keeping. They do not smell or shed, quickly learn how to use the cat litter, and with good care live twenty years.

Maltese - one of the oldest dwarf dog breeds in Europe. The snow-white and very soft coat of the lapdog practically does not shed. In addition, it's not even wool, but real hair. This dog can be kept in a house where allergy sufferers live. The lap dog is very smart and kind, but the owner must understand that this dog cannot be pampered.


The dog is great with children. But it would be better to start it when the child is 4-5 years old, and he will understand that the dog is real, so you can’t twist his paws.

Chinese Crested  is an affectionate and good-natured dog that can be taught a variety of tricks. Chinese crested always become attached to the owner. But if the owner is busy, the dog will not be bored alone. They like to play with balls of thread, like cats, and also with small toys.

Chinese Crested

If you do not want to remove the hair, then the following option is suitable for you: there is a completely "naked" type of Chinese crested - only hair on the tip of the tail and a small "comb" on the head. It is very difficult to take care of a bald dog, so such a dog should be in good hands. And the Chinese Crested are distinguished by their silence and bark only to the point.

We advise you to consider the following breeds of dwarf dogs:
  • Pomeranian;
  • Toy Terrier;
  • Shih Tzu
  • Tibetan spaniel;
  • norwich terrier;
  • miniature pinscher;
  • king charles spaniel;
  • affenpinscher;
  • Pekingese;
  • rabbit dachshund;
  • brussels griffon;
  • toy poodle;
  • papillon;
  • Japanese Chin;
  • Prague rat;
  • Chihuahua (the smallest dog breed in the world).

And this is not yet a complete list of cute kids.

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