How do I choose my dog?

It was a long time ago... I love dogs very much, because a dog is man's best friend, and since childhood I have always had dogs in my house. And so, when I began to live on my own, I wanted to get a dog, but the person with whom I lived was categorically against it. No matter how I persuaded him, what compromises I did not look for, everything did not work out. At first I wanted a Rottweiler, then I agreed to a smaller dog - a pug, then I started talking about a Yorkie or a toy terrier, but everything rested on walking with the dog, then with her molting, then something else was thought up just to dissuade me. Over time, when I started talking about a dog, I was immediately offered to get a sphinx cat, which discouraged me from talking about a dog for a month or even two (I really don’t like sphinxes).

That's how time went on... month after month, year after year... and the thought of the dog never left me.

One fine day, I saw pictures of a Chihuahua, I liked this dog so much ... I read everything that was available about this breed and began to study the market, of course, I started talking about dogs again, talking about this breed, comparing it with others . As it turned out later, the person with whom I lived thought that I had just found a new hobby for myself - I began to study the characteristics of different breeds. He was happy for me, and, of course, for himself, believing that I would be satisfied with little. But it wasn't there, in a matter of days I found a suitable offer and went to see the puppy.

I didn’t dare to tell my young man that I was going to see a puppy, but suddenly he would resist again, but I didn’t seem to mind ... The breeder lived in Boryspil in some kind of private sector that was suspicious for me, it was a dark time - a period of crime and scammers, and the puppy is quite expensive ... I decided to take money with me only for travel and explore "what and how."

Well, I arrived on a minibus to Boryspil with a couple of hryvnias in my pocket, found the house I needed, went in and saw ... my Yunka - a tiny bundle of happiness that was rapidly running towards me. I immediately felt - this is mine, this is what I need so much. She was so tiny, smaller than a palm, and so funny.


How I wanted to pick her up, but I didn’t even have money with me for an advance payment and there was nothing to leave as a deposit. Having played enough, and having agreed that I would take the puppy tomorrow, I went home to prepare the young man for the upcoming event.

I didn’t want to talk about my trick on the phone, I postponed the conversation for the evening, and at dinner I found out that my boyfriend was leaving for 3-4 days and decided not to tell anything at all so as not to upset him before leaving.

The next day, after saying goodbye to the guy, I immediately went for Yunaska. She adapted very quickly, chose a place for herself, studied the route to the kitchen and the tray. Juno and I became friends very quickly, I would even say, became related. We lived merrily and happily for 4 whole days, completely forgetting that some may not be very happy with a new tenant.

And then, on a beautiful sunny morning, the doorbell rang ... the guy returned. I had breakfast in the kitchen, and Yuna ran to the bell. Then the click of the lock, the slam of the door and ...: “Honey, what is this? It is a toy? Is she moving? Is it battery operated? Oh no, is she alive?! No, it can't be, it's a toy, you just decided to have fun. Oooooh, no, Luda, she is alive, she is LIVE!!!”

“Yes, she is really alive,” I thought, sitting at the table.


At first, my young man was in shock, but after a couple of days, Yunka was sleeping on his pillow and getting all the tastiest from his plate. She became the center of attention and the favorite of the family.

Ludmila Markina
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