What dog food to choose

Each of us who has the best four-legged friend with kind eyes and a restless tail wants the pet to live well. To be healthy, cheerful and playful, to live happily ever after in the family. It is clear that for this you need to seriously think about the conditions of detention, leisure and, of course, about nutrition. It seems that the choice of dog food is something momentary and does not require much thought. But this is until you personally encountered this.

The first question that usually arises is: what is better, bought dog food, or prepared on your own, the so-called natural.

Even veterinarians cannot unequivocally answer this question, because, the main thing is that the product is of high quality, and the nutrition is balanced, what it will be: homemade food, dry food or canned food for dogs does not matter at all.

In this article, we will talk about the advantages of ready-made food, its types and how to choose what is right for your pet.

So, the advantages of ready-made dog food:

  •  saving time
    after all, in our active life, messing around in the kitchen is not always enough time, especially in the morning when you are in a hurry to work. And so, the jar was opened, food was poured into a bowl, some water was put into another and free;
  • balanced nutrition without hassle
    you do not need to make a dog menu every day, paint what and when to cook, monitor the ratio of useful nutrients, calories, the amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Professionals did it for you and offered it in the form of ready-made food. And some manufacturers even compiled a table where the daily allowance is indicated depending on the weight of the dog;
  • always usable
    you never have to think about the freshness and suitability of dog food, spoiled or not spoiled, you can still give it or throw it away. It is very convenient if you eat on a trip or on vacation, you do not have to think about how to save and where to warm up. All that is required of you is to look at the expiration date when buying.


What to choose canned food or dry food?

You probably know that dog food falls into two categories:

  • dry - in the form of granules of various sizes and shapes, colors and smells.
  • wet - in the form of canned food in jars or in soft packaging.

Granulated it is stored longer, open canned food should be used within 1-2 days. The dog will chew on the pellets, and this will have a beneficial effect on his teeth and gums. You just need to remember that when feeding with such food, the animal needs more water.
Canned food - soft food, almost no load on the teeth.
So decide: if you have an energetic, healthy pet, it is better for him to use dry food. It has even more calories than canned food, which you can just pamper your dog from time to time. But if the animal is weakened, aged, moist soft food is suitable for him.

What is the best dry dog ​​food?
Choosing which dry dog ​​food better, you need to remember that here, as with people: what arch is widely advertised is not always a quality product. Rather, on the contrary. All dog food that is “on the ear” is the same human fast food, food in a hurry. Everyone knows that it is harmful, but they eat it. At the same time, no one eats exclusively such food, most of the time we still eat normal food (right? ;-). So it is with the dog: you should not doom it to eating cheap economy class feeds that bring little benefit. Instead of meat, they use soy or meat and bone meal with different flavors and flavors. It smells delicious for the dog, she eats with appetite, she can even get used to such food. But then she will refuse better nutrition, in which there are no chemical “seasonings”. Another disadvantage: the nutritional value of cheap feed is low, and in order to fill up, they need to be consumed in large quantities.

happy dog ​​running

In addition to low-class feeds, there are medium and high-class or premium and super-premium feeds. Now they are more useful for the dog. They contain natural meat, poultry and fish, and not second-class raw materials and food waste.
In premium feed eat natural vegetables, cereals (rice, buckwheat). Food colorings and flavorings are much less than in economy class feeds. But the energy value due to quality is much higher. Therefore, premium feed consumption is less, and in terms of money it turns out to be more profitable. It is better to buy one package of premium food than two economy classes for the same period of time.
Super premium food This is food of the highest quality. They come with lamb, rabbit, veal, red fish. You no longer need to think about how to pamper your pet - everything is provided. Of course, the price is higher, but the consumption is even less due to the high energy value. Even in advertising, these feeds practically do not need, breeders already know about them. In principle, they could be considered ideal nutrition.
There are more holistic. They appeared relatively recently. Made from high quality natural products that are also suitable for human nutrition, the holistics are the best you can give your dog.

Congratulations, the agonizing question of “how to choose dry dog ​​food” is almost solved. Of course, it is desirable that you choose a premium or super premium food. And then look after the food, taking into account the characteristics of the pet. Because there are special foods for puppies, adults, older dogs; for large, small and medium animals. Special nutrition is provided for pregnant, lactating, debilitated, allergy-prone pets. And keep in mind that there are different tastes and smells. So choosing a food for a dog's taste today is as easy as shelling pears.
Bon appetit and good health to your pet!
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