Nickname for a shepherd girl

The group of shepherd dogs includes several dozen breeds united by a functional commonality: all these breeds were intended for the protection and protection of domestic animals while grazing. Hence the commonality of external and behavioral traits characteristic of most breeds, united under one common name "Shepherd Dogs".

The selection of nicknames for dogs of shepherd girls is somewhat more difficult than for boys. Apparently, this is due to the general “masculine” feeling from dogs of these breeds, therefore, when choosing a nickname for a shepherd dog, first of all words come that are more suitable as a name for a male, a sort of focus of strength and courage. With nicknames for shepherd girls, everything is somewhat more complicated.

Outdoor portrait

In general, it is believed that dog names should reflect the characteristics of the animal. Yes, and for any living being, the name is like a program, some kind of framework outlining the future life path. Perhaps that is why many owners are so serious about choosing a nickname for a future pet. It often happens to meet a dog whose name reflects its character so accurately that it seems as if the dog was already born with this name.

The purpose of the shepherd dogs required from these dogs both a certain external type and strictly defined behavioral features. For example, the need to spend most of their lives outdoors, in fairly harsh natural and weather conditions, forced the shepherd dogs to acquire luxurious natural fur coats. The confrontation with large and dangerous predators that regularly raided herds, especially wolves, led to the formation of the type of a large, courageous, independent dog, capable of making decisions in difficult conditions, aggressive towards large predators and at the same time quite peaceful towards other animals and humans.


It was possible to observe the behavior of a large male Caucasian Shepherd Dog living in a large house. By the time of his walk, the owners of all the surrounding large males tried to complete the walking of their pets: the dog was obedient enough and did not attack, but aggressiveness towards rivals was felt, and no one wanted to take risks. At the same time, small dogs played with him quite calmly, some stupid Pug could even yelp - a reciprocal look from above and regal calm, Their Majesty does not stoop to some kind of petty showdown. Moreover, this look acted no worse than an evil roar - the mongrel, tail between his legs, quickly got out of the way.

Another characteristic feature in the behavior of many shepherd dogs is purely herding attempts to gather all members of “their” group into one compact “flock”. So that no one disperses and fights off the team, the dog runs around and barks everyone to one common center. This is especially noticeable during forays into nature by a large team. I have seen this behavior in collies. Moreover, it was not the chaotic running of an apartment dog released into nature, but purposeful behavior: the herd should be compact, so it is easier to protect it from all sorts of strangers!

Terrible goddesses and forces of nature

The nickname for a shepherd girl should reflect the breed and personal characteristics of the dog. One trouble - the whole history of mankind comes to the aid of the owners of males when choosing a name for a pet. At their service are many names of heroes and great commanders of all times and peoples, who may well share their names with a proud, beautiful and brave dog. Alas, there were much fewer female warriors in the memory of mankind. So, offhand, except Xena, which is the warrior queen, and the famous Amazons, and no one comes to mind.

But here formidable goddesses can come to the rescue. It is interesting that in almost every pantheon there will definitely be a lady who cannot be attributed to the weaker sex by an elementary sense of self-preservation. The pantheon of the Olympians is especially rich in such examples. Remember at least Athena и Artemis, and the wife of Zeus Gera was by no means obedient. Juno, Cali, Vesta... If you dig deep into the relevant literature, you can pick up nicknames for dogs of shepherd girls for every taste and letter of the alphabet. So a true goddess will appear in your house: ruling, guarding and protecting.

Well, if some considerations do not allow you to deal with higher powers so freely, Mother Nature can come to the rescue. That's where the phenomena that can serve as a nickname for a shepherd girl, abound. Storm, Lightning, Snowstorm, Blizzard и Snowstorm, Rainbow и Zarya - for every taste and character.

What is the name of a German Shepherd

German and East European Shepherds occupy a somewhat separate place in the breed group of shepherd dogs. More than two hundred years ago, in the countries of Central Europe, a breed was bred that turned into a symbol of a service dog. Having retained full strength and fearlessness, the German Shepherd acquired an invaluable quality from a human point of view - the ability to learn. Now German Shepherds are used in many areas of human activity, primarily in security and service and search activities. But this breed is also very popular as a pet.

What is the name of a German Shepherd? We accept any of the options already proposed. In addition, foreign female names are often used as nicknames for German shepherd girls. Gerda, Catherine, Betty and many other options.

Often, the owners want to emphasize the pedigree aristocracy of the German Shepherd with the help of a nickname, girls get names Lady, A princess, Quinn and so on.

East is a delicate matter…

The incredible variety of breeds that make up the shepherd group makes an attempt to deduce some general pattern in the description of the breed and in the selection of a name a deliberately failed undertaking. Are all sheepdogs big? Look at the sheltie! Do all shepherd dogs have thick, long hair? And the Belgian and Australian Shepherds apparently just threw off their fur coat and hid it somewhere ... Are sheepdogs wayward and difficult to train? But in the top ten most intelligent breeds, three places belong to representatives of this breed group. However, in the top ten, which closes the rating, shepherd dogs are also present ...

The privilege of regional breeds is the ability to use words with national flavor. For example, the nicknames of Caucasian shepherd dogs can have a pronounced oriental color. And if a Caucasian male can be called Abrek or Sultan, then a name is quite appropriate for a bitch Peri, Budur, Scheherazade or something else that evokes thoughts of the fabulous East.

Geographical names associated with the origin of the breed can be another valuable source for creating dog names, so for a Caucasian Shepherd puppy, the name Kura.

True, the map of the Caucasus is filled mainly with masculine names - then let's shift our gaze to the starry sky. Vega, Stella, Alpha - if you see a future star in your dog, such a star name will give her (and you) strength and confidence.

Let's look at the documents

I will not dwell on the official nicknames of dogs: shepherd girls in passports are called as twisted and difficult to pronounce as representatives of other breeds. The passports of the well-born representatives of the dog tribe tolerate such multi-storey structures that no person in their right mind would ever think of using them in everyday life. You don't have to think about how to name a German Shepherd puppy you purchased from an elite nursery. Most likely, you will get a puppy already burdened with a long name, which he will not even know about. The specialist will be able to determine the origin of the dog, its parents and famous ancestors by this nickname, but for family members and for the dog itself there will always be one short, clear nickname - the personification of your dog, your girl, your shepherd dog, the most intelligent, devoted, beloved and loving beings in the world.

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