Nicknames for a shepherd boy

The experience of animal domestication for mankind began many millennia ago with the appearance of the ancestors of the modern dog near the tribal fires: jackals, wolves, wild dogs, foxes. Pack animals with a clearly demarcated hierarchy proved to be useful neighbors for ancient man.

Whose ingenious mind first came up with the idea to bring a tiny puppy into the cave, who still does not understand where friends are, where are enemies? It is clear that the hunter who committed such an extraordinary act was full and complacent, since he not only did not eat his squeaking prey, but also allocated a piece of meat or a bone for it. And what did he expect from the baby? Perhaps he had seen how a pack of wolves drove their prey and wanted to raise an assistant for hunting? Or a vigilant watchman vigilantly guarding a human settlement? Or just a soft toy for kids?

Hunting and guarding the home became the first "professions" of the dog in its centuries-old partnership with humans. Many generations passed before humanity moved from hunting and gathering to farming and cattle breeding. And it was here that the potential of the dog was revealed to the fullest extent - an indispensable assistant in the difficult shepherd's work.

Sheepdogs - commonality and diversity

Speaking about the nicknames of shepherd dogs, you need to remember: shepherd dogs are one of the largest breed groups. All these breeds originated as shepherds. At the same time, the area of ​​human settlement covers such diverse natural areas that the appearance of representatives of the shepherd tribe, formed in different conditions, is radically different. This group of breeds includes prim and strict German Shepherds, and South Russian Shepherds resembling a huge lap dog, and bear-like Caucasian wolfhounds, and miniature nimble Shelties ...

The commonality of character traits for most representatives of this breed group is determined by the unity of the tasks set during the selection. In general, for most herding breeds, independence in behavior is typical, the ability to assess the situation without waiting for the owner's order. In fact, while you are waiting for the command, the flock will scatter, or the wolves will have a delicious dinner ... Therefore, in the ratings of dog intelligence, most shepherd dogs are included in the second half of the list. This is especially true of ancient rocks that have retained their original purpose. At the same time, there are at least three shepherd dogs in the top ten most intelligent dogs: Sheltie, German Shepherd and Border Collie. These are the shepherds...

What factors influenced the formation of the character and appearance of shepherd dogs? First of all, strength and courage, because the main task of a shepherd dog is to protect the herd from predatory animals. Hence the large size. The only exception is, perhaps, only Sheltie - Shetland Sheepdogs. Well, there were no large predators on the Shetland Islands, and the four-legged assistant was required not to let the herd disperse and to give the owner a signal of disorder in time. Hence the Sheltie's appearance, which is somewhat atypical for shepherd dogs. However, their courage is quite typical, and does not depend on growth at all.

Another factor common to most shepherd dogs is the need to withstand fairly harsh weather conditions. All year round, in any weather, thousands of herds of sheep are on the pasture, and next to them are their faithful guards - shepherd dogs. Apparently, therefore, almost all representatives of this breed group can boast of a luxurious fur coat. By the way, thick long hair protects not only from the weather, but also from the sharp teeth of predators.

A very peculiar behavioral feature of many shepherd dogs is the tendency to “gather together” a wandering herd. It is interesting to observe the behavior of a collie on a country walk in a large company: as soon as the people go about their business, the dog starts running around barking, trying to gather everyone together. Moreover, she was born and raised in an apartment and saw sheep, at best, from a car window. But age-old instincts are in the blood, nowhere from them!

What's your name, dog?

Let's go back from the breed as a whole to the sheepdog you brought home. Or they haven’t brought it yet, but have already chosen, met and now carefully prepare for his appearance in a new home.

The choice of a nickname for a shepherd dog, a boy of a serious breed, must be taken seriously. Many dog ​​breeders believe that the name as a program sets the future fate of the animal. We will not once again cite the well-known phrase about the direct relationship between the name of a small passenger watercraft and its navigable qualities, but it has long been noticed - if you call a dog a Coward, you will get a coward; call Eagle - and ... No, under the heavens, proudly spreading its wings, it will not take off, perhaps ... But it will carry eagle courage and pride through life with dignity!

German Shepherd

Coming up with nicknames for shepherd boys is very simple - and very difficult. On the one hand, a huge number of books and films about heroic dogs - service-search, frontier, simply living next to a person and at the same time regularly saving him from a thousand misfortunes, can serve as an inexhaustible source of ideas. On the other hand, after the release of such a film, the choice of a nickname for German Shepherd puppies is not worth it at all: the fantasy of most owners seems to stall and dozens of Rex or Mukhtar go out to the training grounds and exhibition courts.

How to get rid of an obsessive stereotype and come up with something original and at the same time reflecting the essence of a four-legged friend and protector? How to name a boy, a shepherd puppy, to fully reflect all your love and admiration for these magnificent representatives of the dog tribe?

Nicknames of German shepherds, males, which are planned to be used in service and search work, in protection, as well as in other areas where complete instant understanding between the owner and the dog is necessary, should be short, clear, well perceived by ear. The consonance of nicknames with traditional commands is not allowed.

positive emoticonFor example, the nickname Funtik is not only absolutely inappropriate for a service dog in meaning, but can also be a cause of misunderstanding due to consonance with the traditional forbidding command “Fu!”. Before you stop at any name, say it out loud several times, with different intonation.

Another traditional direction when choosing the nicknames of shepherd boys is to emphasize aristocracy. Prince, Graph, Duke, Marquis, viscount, Gerr, Caesaryes the same Rex emphasize the dignity of your pet.

History with geography

Connoisseurs of history in general are in a winning position: take the names of any famous commanders or rulers of past centuries and turn them into dog names, for example, the name of the famous Roman emperor Gaius Julius Caesar can be divided into three shepherd boys.  The only restriction: it is not customary to use in  as a nickname for shepherd dogs, as for any other breed, human names common in your area.

Sign of attentionCalling the dog Horace is a pleasure, but Alexander (even if the great Alexander of Macedon is meant) - no, no! And then all of a sudden all the surrounding Sasha will be offended ... Here is the cat Vaska - this is normal, the boar Borka is also, and the dog with a human name is taboo! I'm not trying to explain it, just accept it as a fact. Not nice.

It is also not customary to call dogs names of cities. Moreover, other geographical names may well be used as a nickname for a boy's shepherd dog. In particular, such nicknames are often used for shepherd dogs of "exotic" breeds. So sonorous words taken from a map of the Caucasus Mountains are perfect as a nickname for Caucasian Shepherd Dogs: Kazbek, Elbrus, Araks. Or Dniester, Don, Yenisei, Urals - as a nickname for the East European Shepherd Dog. In general, for regional breeds, any sufficiently sonorous word with a local flavor can become a nickname. So, when choosing a nickname for the same Caucasian or Central Asian shepherd dogs, boys are often called the titles of eastern rulers: Sultan, Emir, Khan, Bai. Or not so honorable, but no less sonorous words with local flavor: Abrek, Simoom, Dusman, Ali Baba, Warrior...

What, a dog is not a person?

How to name a boy's shepherd dog if you think that your dog is quite worthy of a human name? You can offer a very simple way out: use foreign names. Diverse Jackie, Jims and others Grahams will provide you with the widest field for choosing a nickname for a German shepherd. Here the use of foreign names, as well as foreign words, is consecrated by tradition.

You can also play with the color of your pet. Gray (grey), Black (black) or Brown (brown) - and a sonorous and not entirely clear nickname for a shepherd dog, a male of the corresponding color, is ready. Maybe not appropriate, you think, someone will laugh ...

Sign of attentionBy the way, in general, when using as a nickname for dogs, any, not only shepherds, foreign words, as well as just the consonances you like, first check if this set of sounds means something not entirely censorship, or just something like that, what you would not want to hear in your address or in the address of your dog. It is clear that you will not be able to track all the languages ​​​​of the world, but it is quite possible to check if there are matches in English or German.

What else can you call a puppy, a German Shepherd boy? Quite often, associations from the kingdom of nature are used as nicknames for German Shepherd dogs. Proud as an eagle, swift as a golden eagle, agile and strong as a leopard - and now your pupil becomes Barsom, golden eagle, Tiger and so on. And let's remember the terrible phenomena of nature: Typhoon, Buran, Urahan. With such a nickname, your puppy will certainly grow up powerful and invincible.

Welcoming His Highness...

The conundrum of inventing a nickname for a pet is nothing compared to the problems of breeders or dog owners who are forced to come up with nicknames for pedigreed puppies in accordance with many traditions. How to name a puppy, a German Shepherd boy, if there are up to six or eight of these boys in a litter? And at the same time, do not violate many written and unwritten rules.

  • Rule one: if the puppy is received in a kennel, then the name of the kennel (or its “visiting card”) must be included in the official nickname.
  • Rule two: it is customary to start the names of all puppies of the same litter with the same letter. This letter is assigned by the club during the litter registration, for kennels it is determined by the kennel itself.
  • Rule three: it is customary to include pieces of the names of the father and mother of the puppies in the official nickname. This is not mandatory, but something like good manners.

Well, the puppy's own nickname.

The resulting multi-storey structure fits into the puppy's official document - the puppy card. This name will accompany the dog at all official events: exhibitions, competitions, it will be inscribed in the pedigree of the dog itself and in the pedigrees of his descendants up to the fourth generation. No one forces you to use an official nickname in everyday life, but you can build on it when inventing a nickname for a German, Caucasian, Scottish or East European Shepherd Dog, an adorable four-legged boy who entered your home.

Reference books are everything

You can do it easier. Go to the Internet (or go to the library), find the “Directory of Dog Names”, and for a long time and with pleasure go through thousands of dog names, trying on each of them for your puppy, and at some point you suddenly realize that the question is how to name your a dog, your boy, a sheepdog of any conceivable breed, is no longer worth it. Of all the variety of nicknames, one will stick to the baby - the one that will become the name for your pet for life.

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