Nicknames for girls' dogs (Part 1)

With the advent of a dog in my life, I often communicate with like-minded people in various groups on the Internet, social networks, forums about dogs, as well as on the street with other dog lovers, etc. Topics are periodically created, or questions of a similar nature slip through “I will have a puppy soon, help me come up with a name”, or “what should I name my puppy?” After such questions, you just want to ask - will you also ask a neighbor for a name for your child?

In my opinion, the process of finding a name for a puppy is something individual, personal and important, just as it is for a child. After all, the dog will be with you throughout his life, perhaps even 18 years, just like a child until he comes of age. Keep for yourself and do not give anyone these fun moments of choosing a nickname for dogs.

Nickname for a girl's dog

Since I have a dog girl, perhaps I will begin to offer you my vision for nicknames for girls' dogs. There are several psychological points, subject to which you can choose a name for a dog that will help you interact with each other.

Tips for choosing a dog name

  1. The nickname should be short and clear.. Surely your dog will respond faster to a clear and precise command - "Dori, come to me!" than "Marmalade, come to me!" Consider also the fact that when your Marmalade sits on the grass and quietly chews on someone's cake, you naturally want to scold her, and how do you imagine that?
  2. So that nicknames are not often met. In our city meadow, where everyone walks their dogs, those who wish can come up in the evening at 20:30 and chat in a circle of company, while the dogs run with each other, play, communicate. When I was still new to this company, I always confused two dogs - both shepherds and both named Greta. There are thousands of names, and here in one clearing there is such a coincidence. It was funny to watch the behavior of dogs with the same name.
  3. Nickname from home. My dad is a hunter and he once had a husky - a wonderful breed. He named her Purga. This name reflected the entire history of the origin of the breed: the north, dense forests, the crunch of snow underfoot, hot breath, snowstorm. Nickname he respectfully supported all the majesty of the breed.
  4. Whistling and growling sounds in nicknames. Using names for dogs with the letters R, H, W, S, Z will only benefit. Dogs quickly get used to such nicknames and always hear them clearly. We have a dog in the yard named Malva, and when the owner calls her, it sounds something like this: “Maaalvaaaaa ...”. I have never noticed much obedience from this dog. And the reaction to the call was, in fact, the same as her nickname.

You can easily find many catalogs of dog names on the Internet. I want to offer you my personal list, where the nicknames for girls' dogs, in my opinion, are the most suitable, beautiful, clear and clear. There are not many of them, in short - filtered for an example:

  • Aji, Aiza, Alice, Arisha;
  • Storm;
  • Vixie;
  • Hera, Gerda;
  • Desi, Jay, Jackie, Jerry, Jessie, Junya, Dixie, Dorrie;
  • Eshka;
  • Jally, Jery, Jessy, Zhuzha;
  • Zinga, Bunny, Zetta;
  • Iji, Inora, Toffee;
  • Kaira, Cedar, Keri, Kitri, Cobra, Baby, Capsi;
  • Laitchie, Lusha, Larry;
  • Maxi, Marta, Martha, Mary, Murza, Mushka, Marys;
  • Nessie;
  • Oji;
  • Blizzard, Pusi;
  • Raida, Ricky, Rosa, Rumba, Rassy;
  • Santa, Cindy;
  • Taiza, Tegri, Tezi, Tigra;
  • Urma;
  • Farri, Fleur, Flory, Frezi;
  • Chlorine, Persimmon;
  • swell;
  • Seagull, Chucky, Checky, Chica, Chunya;
  • Shani, Shella, Sherry, Shumka;
  • Edhi, Elsa, Elf, Erika;
  • Yuzhana, Yurma, Yusi;
  • Yaza, Yara, Yarga.

Read the continuation on how to choose the right nicknames for dogs in the second part, where nicknames for boys' dogs will also be considered. Have a nice day and good health to your little four-legged friends!

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