Nicknames for Boys' Dogs (Part 2)

After we gave way to the girls, let us go ahead and considered nicknames for them in previous article, today we'll talk about what are the nicknames for boys' dogs. And we will also continue to consider recommendations that will help you better interact with your pet.

1. Do not give a nickname until the puppy appears. You should not give a puppy a name before it appears in your life. Perhaps he will have some kind of funny external feature that can be emphasized by the name, or a pronounced character trait, behavior. For example, I really like the nickname for the boy's dog - Tisha (Quiet), but I will never risk naming a puppy by this name until I see him and observe his behavior. Suddenly my Tisha turns out to be Thunder, Drag, Rally or Gasan all over the house.

dog names for boys

PozitivchikI confess, I named my dog ​​before she appeared. And I regret it a little. Choosing a nickname in advance, we were based on our professions related to computers. Let, they say, our dog will also correspond to our lifestyle. We decided that we will name the boy - Pixel. And even already managed to get used to this nickname before the advent of the dog. Finally, we have a girl. We named her Pixie (from the word pixel). But, this sharp and nimble name is not quite suitable for my sleepy, imposing princess. I still feel uncomfortable to this day. Later, I dug up one fact that more or less reassures me: Pixie (from English mythology) is a small fairy or elf. Well, this is closer to my truth.

2. Little ones grow up someday. If you have a small breed puppy, you can safely give him a nickname that will emphasize this feature in him. But, if you have a large breed puppy, do not forget that he will grow up soon. And then your Pupsik or Minik will not quite match his name. The nickname for dogs is their calling card.

PozitivchikThere was one funny exception in my life about this, which I applaud. The dog breed Great Dane (black suit) was named Malysh. Moreover, the dog was awarded this name at its already mature age. The fact is that he was lost, he was found and sheltered. Veterinarians have established the age of the Kid - about 3 years.

3. Nickname - the main team. Do not forget also that you are the commander for your dog. You will have to give commands, and your faithful dog will have to carry them out. With small dogs in this regard, it’s easier, you don’t have to bother too much. But with dogs of large breeds, teams should be worked out to perfection. Complete dog submission minimizes the danger to you and others. At the same time, the most important command is the nickname: “Rex, come to me! Jack, wow! Bars, to the foot! Jump, get in there!" Even the usual "Rex!" - sounds like a command that a well-mannered dog understands as a call. Now try commanding "Montmorency, phew!" Well, how does it sound? I want to shorten it and call it Monique, don't I? But, you originally wanted the boy to be called Montmorency. And then there was this coercion.

Nicknames for dogs

Now, in the end, just like with the nicknames for girls' dogs, I want to give a small list of sonorous, short, clear names that I filtered for an example:

  • Abur, Agar, Azar, Aizan, Argo, Achi, Archie;
  • Bavar, Baron, Bison, Buran, Butuz, Buyan, Best;
  • Varley, Vizir;
  • Hertz, Gold, Grand, Graham, Vulture, Thunder;
  • Daji, Jazz, John, Jack, Jeep, Joy, Drag;
  • Yeran, Erosh;
  • Gerard, Zhora, Georges;
  • Zador, Zephyr;
  • Izoy, Iolis;
  • Cahors, Kera, Koresh, Kraft, Kurat;
  • Lamour, Larry, Lipsey, Lord, Lux;
  • Magon, Max, Michi, Mirage;
  • Nice, Nerli, Niels;
  • Auji, Orpheus, Oscar;
  • Parthos, Pikker, Pirate, Prite;
  • Rally, Rex, Ricky, Ronnie;
  • Samur, Safar, Sam;
  • Terry, Tigran, Tyson;
  • Urman, Walker;
  • Ferry, Fiji, Fred;
  • Harty, Horst, Chroppy;
  • Cezri, Cezer;
  • Chaban, Chaco, Cherry, Chase;
  • Shaitan, Shammi, Sheni, Sharkhan, Bumblebee;
  • Egri, Emir, Andy;
  • Yuji, Yuren, Yushan;
  • Yarosh, Janson, Yariy.

AttentionBe very careful when choosing a nickname for your puppy. It doesn’t really matter to him what nickname to respond to, and you will use this name for many years. I wish you good luck and many happy years with your pet!

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