When can I take a puppy from mom

In the first weeks of life, the puppy begins to actively explore the world around him. And the future foundation of his character depends on the quality of this knowledge. How not to miss these moments and raise a normal adequate dog? When can I take a puppy from my mother, so as not to harm and not greatly affect the current needs of the baby?

It is not recommended to take puppies up to 1,5-2 months. During this period, an experienced breeder conducts the so-called socialization of the puppy. He will also teach the baby to contact the outside world, will give the opportunity to play with other puppies and the mother.

So, the puppy moved to your house. For a baby, a change of scenery is stressful and at the same time an opportunity for new knowledge. Let him calmly familiarize himself with the new housing and your family members. Surround the baby with attention and care, often spend time with him, stroke, talk.

When can I take a puppy from momCome up with a nickname for the puppy, and repeat it every time you feed or play. Praise the animal for every response. Do not forget about the full sleep of puppies. This is when they grow the most. Therefore, you should choose a place where the pet will be as comfortable as possible to rest.

The most optimal time when you can pick up a puppy is after the breeder gives him the first and repeated (in 10-14 days) vaccinations. And this, as a rule, occurs 8 weeks after the birth of the puppy, that is, 2 months. The baby needs to go through this period in a calm environment, near his mother, without stress.

Therefore, be patient and let the baby spend a little more time with his brothers, sisters, and mother. And then it will be yours for years to come.

Konstantin Markin

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