Competition "Me and my dog" stage 2

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Finally completed the first stage competition "Me and my dog", where for a whole month you, dear readers, sent us your stories about the life of dogs - our four-legged friends.

Each of your stories deserves special attention and, of course, is a valuable source of information for readers who are wondering “What to do? Who to ask? Who has experienced this before?" Stories from personal experience are always important! Most important!

Stories that make you nervous about the fate of dogs are always smiles, tears, experiences. It's stories like these that make us think about how important we are to dogs and how important dogs are to us. Such stories give rise to even more love and responsibility for our four-legged friends in our hearts. There are a lot of fans to read this!


Under the terms of the competition, out of 20 of your stories, 5 were selected, which were voted on as the winner of the competition. I would like to note that the organizers of the competition initially decided keep the competition fair! Therefore, to choose 5 stories out of 20, it was entrusted to people completely independent of the competition.

About stories that did not make it to the 2nd stage of the competition

Friends, do not worry! Continue to participate in other competitions that will be held on the site and you will definitely win one day. The next "Best Commentator" contest will need to be bombed not with quality, but with quantity! Therefore, do not miss new chances to win cash prizes. Thank you for your participation - it's the most important thing!

List of stories that made it to stage 2:

2 stage

To read the stories of the winners of the 2nd stage of the competition, follow the links:

Voting for the winner of the competition "Me and my dog" - CLOSED
(until 08.02.2014, 12:00 Kyiv time

Competition voting

Story "Iron Lady" disqualified for cheating votes.

Friends, we had to close the opportunity to comment on the contest in order to prevent conflicts on the site. For any questions please email:
Thank you for understanding!

Voting is over and we have the winner of the "Me and my dog" contest. I invite everyone to the official announcement of the winner. Click on the button soon:


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  1. Vasily Moshchenko
    01.02.2014 at 15: 49

    I give my vote for the article “Happy Day or Life-Changing Meeting” because it is a prime example of kindness and empathy that people have begun to lose. We are so busy with ourselves and our “important” things that we don’t notice other people who need help, and especially animals.

    Well done guy - keep it up!

    • Natalia
      01.02.2014 at 16: 39

      Yes, well done guy! I would like to believe that he still travels along this road, stopping by his friend.

  2. Olesya
    01.02.2014 at 18: 38

    I voted for the "Iron Lady" because everything is so vividly and interestingly written. Especially since the photos are so funny. The dog is just beautiful, something looks like a Labrador!
    I also had a similar story, but not with sweets, but with a whole stick of sausage - they didn’t keep track. True, we did not induce vomiting.
    I wish little Leah victory!

  3. Valentine
    01.02.2014 at 18: 59

    I voted for the “Iron Lady”, because I know this “monster”)) Eats everything that they did not have time to hide. Even when opening the refrigerator, he manages to stick his muzzle in there and lick the bottle with chili sauce standing in the door below (during use, droplets remain near the lid on it). The sauce is really spicy, but that doesn't stop Leia. Hungry street existence before she was picked up left its mark..

  4. Victoria
    01.02.2014 at 19: 33

    The story is funny, smiled :)
    In vain, probably, the owners were so scared for Leia and began to take such serious measures, against which the eaten sweets looked harmless ..)) But I'm glad that in the end everything worked out and your princess is alive and well)
    And here’s what I’ll say to the author: even though I myself am like that, I’ve left delicious things for later since childhood, but here you willy-nilly think about whether to reconsider your taste priorities, m?)

    All the best to you and GOOD LUCK!

  5. Tatyana
    02.02.2014 at 02: 42

    "The Iron Lady". Definitely! I actually laughed when I read it 🙂

    • Natalia
      02.02.2014 at 02: 54

      Yes ... Leia has already made many people laugh)))

  6. Eugene
    02.02.2014 at 13: 39

    I definitely give my vote for the story “I remember that most incredible feeling”
    Nowhere and never in my life have I read something like this ... the story touches the soul. In the words of the author, permeated with love, sincere, real love for the dog can be traced. A bundle of happiness - that's what she calls her, you just think about these words! I re-read this story several times, and each time I smiled more and more. I wish good luck to Elizabeth and her bundle of happiness.

    • Elizabeth
      03.02.2014 at 23: 17

      Eugene, thank you very much) it's nice to hear)

  7. Vladimir
    04.02.2014 at 19: 12

    For Leia the grocery! Interesting dog and interesting story. It's also very fresh.)

  8. Anton
    04.02.2014 at 21: 44

    Why did you vote for the Iron Lady?
    Probably amused by the process of "resuscitation" ready to "die", Leah.
    So I see a picture in which the daughter and mother frantically think what to do? They rummaged through the entire Internet in search of a drug to save the beloved! And this is on New Year's holiday! In a word, may Leia live happily ever after! And mom and daughter too.

  9. Michael
    07.02.2014 at 23: 03

    I just liked Iron Lady.

  10. Anton
    08.02.2014 at 00: 49

    I liked the story “My coward”, I vote for her) A true story, such cases often happen. I myself was in such a situation, but alas, I didn’t return my dog ​​...

  11. Natalia
    08.02.2014 at 10: 05

    I voted for the "Iron Lady". Funny written! I read and empathized with the author of the text =)
    Be careful next time!
    Good luck to the black-eyed toddler! =)

  12. Alexander
    08.02.2014 at 10: 48

    I ask you to contact the contestant Okasana Shevchuk “Iron Lady”, they use it on a twist through a proxy server

    • Natalia
      08.02.2014 at 11: 50


  13. Christina
    08.02.2014 at 11: 09

    iron lady-swindler! It's not fair! I voted for "MY COW" BECAUSE IT'S A LIVE STORY AND I LIKE IT VERY! coward” was 10, and how did she score 306 in 312 minutes?!

    • Natalia
      08.02.2014 at 11: 51

      Thank you for your observation .. We'll check everything.

      • Oksana
        08.02.2014 at 12: 18

        I think that attacks against me are unnecessary.
        I can confirm with a screenshot of personal messages on the VKontakte social network, how Anastasia, a contestant, wrote me a boorish letter, how my story began to outpace her in the voting. The man just can't win.
        Anastasia also experienced a huge jump in votes by 3 times over a period of 3 hours. Approximately (according to my observations) 9 people voted for her in 5 minutes.
        I ask the organizers of the contest to check it too.
        Thus, I can conclude for myself that about her, I beg your pardon, “muhlezh”, I should have written it last night.
        And also rude treatment ...
        Thank you

      • Oksana
        08.02.2014 at 12: 26

        I think that such attacks on me are unnecessary.
        In turn, I can provide the organizers of the contest with a screenshot of the personal messages page on my page on the VKontakte social network, as contestant Anastasia wrote me a boorish message as soon as I started to outvote last night. In my opinion, a person does not know how to lose.
        On my part, there were also suspicions about the correctness of the votes for Anastasia, since literally yesterday in 3 hours her votes doubled in 2 hours. Within 3 minutes, according to my observations, 5-7 people voted for her. In that case, please check it out.
        For myself, I concluded that I should have told the organizers about her, I beg your pardon, “muhlezhe” and boorish letter yesterday.
        Thank you.
        I hope for an answer

  14. Oksana
    08.02.2014 at 12: 32

    I think that these attacks in my direction are unnecessary.
    In turn, I can provide the contest organizers with a screenshot of my personal messages on the VKontakte social network, where contestant Anastasia sent me a boorish letter as soon as I started overtaking her in votes last night. Probably, the person does not know how to play.
    I also have observations: after her letter, Anastasia's voices doubled in 3 hours. According to my observations, they voted for her 2-5 times within 7 minutes. Therefore, since such a thing, I ask you to check it for honesty.
    For myself, I conclude that I should have reported her boorish behavior and, I beg your pardon, “mukhlezhe” last night at the first suspicion.
    Thank you
    Waiting for your reply

    • Natalia
      08.02.2014 at 12: 44

      Thank you for message! We checked everything. And Anastasia as well. We are very sorry that you had a transition to the individual. But, at the competition, based on the indicators, they voted for Anastasia honestly.

  15. Dmitriy
    08.02.2014 at 12: 48

    Then disqualify the author of “My Coward” as well! because she found the author of the “Iron Lady” on social networks and sent her a threatening letter. And the “Iron Lady” has so many voices because she and her mother have many friends! Real, not "vkontaktovyh", like a coward!

    • Natalia
      08.02.2014 at 12: 57

      Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, we are not responsible for the personal relationships of any of the participants in personal correspondence. But, after analyzing the statistics of votes for each of the participants, the site administrator showed a clear cheating on the part of the Iron Lady participant.

      We kindly ask you not to transfer personal relationships to the Sobakan website. We treat all bidders with equal neutrality.

  16. Christina
    08.02.2014 at 12: 56

    I'm sorry, but there were no threats and no one was looking for you. I'm a friend of Anastasia. And we all want to win this contest together. And my boyfriend noticed about proxies and cheating. We asked all our friends to vote for Anastasia for a day. And Oksana used cheat) and we can provide a screenshot. It’s better for the site administrator to check from which computers they voted and which proxies. I hear about threats for the first time.

    • Oksana
      08.02.2014 at 13: 08

      I'm sorry, but your young man hacked into the site and managed to see all the IP addresses from which the votes were entered? 🙂
      Then site administrators should strengthen the security system)

  17. Dmitriy
    08.02.2014 at 13: 34

    Kristina. How do you know that your friend didn't write anything to Oksana? Do you live together? Or are you also a “zapadenka” who doesn’t care what will happen to Ukraine. if only to the European Union?