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Hello! Thanks for joining us!

  • This contest is for you if you love dogs, if you have interesting, instructive stories from your life with a dog.
  • If you have something to share, give advice from your personal experience in feeding, treatment, upbringing, birth, etc.
  • And also, you can talk about your adventures with the dog on walks, hiking, traveling, trips.
  • Very valuable information will be stories about fights, loss, rescue of a dog, etc.

Contest me and my dog

Write 2, 3, 4 stories as many as you want - this will increase your chances of winning. Our team will select the 5 best stories, and then we will turn on the voting, where the fate of the winner will pass into the hands of other participants and readers.

Send your articles by e-mail:

  • in the letter, indicate your name or pseudonym as the author of the article.

positive emoticonYour stories will be published on the site in the Friends Stories blog category. All articles will be available for viewing. Submission of articles and their publication will be open until February 1. The top 5 stories will then be selected and voting will open.

What should the article be?

  1. Unique, not written off from other sources, from myself. The uniqueness of the article will be checked using the program;
  2. The desired size of the article is from 1500 characters (without spaces) - this is approximately half of the sheet of a Microsoft Word document;
  3. Amateur. The article should not look like an abstract for a professor. Try to write from the heart, as you usually write to friends on social networks;
  4. No obscene language;
  5. In Russian;
  6. You can offer your pictures and photos to articles.

Sign of attentionATTENTION: articles that participate in the competition and are published on should not be published anywhere else, and should not be previously published on the Internet! It is important. 

Well? Let's go ... We are waiting for your stories on e-mail:

Get your kids involved in the competition!

ps - the prize will be sent using WebMoney - an online payment system.

Contestant stories:

1. Angry dog (Legeyda Daniel, Kyiv)
2. Rescue of a drowning man (Alexandra, 11 years old, Dnepropetrovsk)
3. My faithful chihuahua (Katya, 17 years old, Tver)
4. After vaccination (Katya, 17 years old, Tver)
5. I remember that incredible feeling (Elizaveta Ivanova)
6. country walk (Nastya, 17 years old, Tolyatti, Samara region)
7. The fight against itching (Angelica Ustapasidi)
8. Leon and the pond (Kolya, Chernivtsi)
9. Best Beach Swimmers (Kolya, Chernivtsi)
10. The Iron Lady (Oksana Shevchuk, St. Petersburg)
11. Almost lost (Milena Anokhova)
12. hooray, sea (Milena Anokhova)
13. How do I choose my dog? (Milka)
14. Love in the heart (Yana Botryakova)
15. My coward (Nastya, 17 years old, Tolyatti, Samara region)
16. How it all began (Nastya, 17 years old, Tolyatti, Samara region)
17. Beware of Ticks (Nastya, 17 years old, Tolyatti, Samara region)
18. Terrible disease (Valeria)
19. Lucky day or meeting that changed life (Milka)
20. Infancy (Nastya, 17 years old, Tolyatti, Samara region)

Thank you for your wonderful stories, dear participants. We invite you to learn about the five stories that made it to the second stage of the competition and vote for the best one! Click on the green button:

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  1. Svetlana Belyaeva
    13.01.2014 at 22: 10 Reply

    When my dog, Jesy, was still a puppy, there was one very funny incident that showed that these cute animals are very devoted to people! So, my story: Winter. I took my daughter to a New Year's party in the 2nd grade, and Jessie became attached to us and did not want to return home. Well, we decided to leave her, we thought that she would return home herself, because we already have time did not stay. The matinee at school ended after two and a half hours ... A snowstorm began, it got dark outside and it got very cold! But suddenly we noticed that our little dog was sitting at the entrance, covered in snow, all frozen and trembling. My daughter, feeling sorry, carried her home in her arms and reassured her that we would never leave her alone again!
    Here is my life story!

    • Natalia
      14.01.2014 at 22: 20 Reply

      Very touching story..
      It is a pity that you wrote it in the comments, and not for the contest.
      Jessie has Hachiko's heart

      • Anastasia
        30.01.2014 at 22: 42 Reply

        Sorry, I sent my story last night, but it still hasn't been published (won't it get into the competition? 🙁

  2. Elizabeth
    15.01.2014 at 00: 02 Reply

    Natalia, so publish Svetlana's article as a contest and that's it :) or is it necessary to send it by mail?

    • Natalia
      15.01.2014 at 00: 37 Reply

      If Svetlana confirms that she wants to participate, then I will register her as a contestant! )))
      But, for now, this story was written as a commentary on her part. Suddenly, Svetlana deliberately crossed out the story in the comments and does not want to participate in the competition ... How should I know?
      All the same, you need to listen to the rules and recommendations of the competition itself.

  3. Valeria
    24.01.2014 at 18: 33 Reply

    Terrible disease

    The story from the comments went to participate in the contest. Editor

    • Natalia
      24.01.2014 at 18: 47 Reply

      Sad story.
      But, again, according to the conditions of the competition, stories must be sent by e-mail:
      Not in a comment.

  4. Valeria
    25.01.2014 at 12: 39 Reply

    It doesn’t load for me. I really want to participate, but unfortunately I can’t. Could you design it as a participant in the competition?

    • Natalia
      25.01.2014 at 15: 36 Reply

      Good ))

  5. Valeria
    25.01.2014 at 21: 32 Reply

    Thank you very much.

  6. Anastasia
    30.01.2014 at 17: 36 Reply

    I sent a story yesterday, why is it not being published? Looks like they're posted on the site almost immediately.

  7. Anastasia
    30.01.2014 at 17: 37 Reply

    I'm afraid that they won't put it on the site until February 1 🙁

    • Natalia
      31.01.2014 at 17: 47 Reply

      Everything has been published!
      Sorry for delay..