We bought a Shih Tzu puppy - the first worries. My story (part 3)

After we finally made the decision to opt for the Shih Tzu breed, a long search began for that one of our puppies. I already mentioned in my story (part 2)that I was waiting for a sign from above about the signs of my dog ​​and waited for him. My dog ​​dreamed of me. In a dream, I saw a light puppy with a light dark stripe falling from the back. But, I did not immediately pay attention to it. When the breeder sent me a photo of the brood, I immediately recognized my baby. That's how we bought the Shih Tzu puppy from my dreams.

What you need to keep a Shih Tzu puppy

After we bought a Shih Tzu puppy, we immediately went to the pet store to buy all the necessary things for keeping. It seemed to me, as an inexperienced dog owner at that time, that it was necessary to buy everything that was in this store. But, I had to concentrate and buy the most necessary things (as it seemed to me then):

1. Dry food for puppies. The food must be of high quality (my choice is Royal Canin). But, over time, I began to feed my baby Shih Tzu with natural products. She had own menu, which should also be selected for other puppies individually.

2. Stainless steel bowls. I read that the color of the hair on the dog's muzzle fades from plastic plates.

3. Collar. Later I learned that leather collars are undesirable, as they rub the hair on the neck a lot, so it is better to choose nylon ones.

4. Automatic leash. Be sure to purchase a leash, so that the puppy does not get lost during walks. We bought an automatic roulette leash. In some cases, it is better to use a classic leash (if you have a large breed of dog), especially if you are training a puppy, and it is also used in various techniques during protect your pet from attacks by other dogs etc.

5. Shampoo. After each walk, the puppy needs to wash its paws, belly, sometimes the muzzle and tail. Therefore, you should choose a good shampoo, preferably suitable for daily use (I chose Chris Christensen DAY to DAY).

6. Comb. For such wool, as in Shih Tzu, all sorts of combs were invented measured and unmeasured. I bought one for the first time and, as it turned out, I didn’t need more.

Shih Tzu comb

7. Rubber bands for tying ponytails (top knot). Pet stores sell special rubber bands for tying ponytails. They are small and latex. But, one day I came across latex rubber bands in a regular store where they sell all sorts of hairpins, elastic bands, jewelry for girls. In this store, elastic bands are ten times cheaper and, moreover, they are much softer and more pleasant;

8. Scissors for cutting. I bought all kinds of scissors: for cutting nails, scissors with rounded tips for cutting the muzzle, hair between the fingers, etc., and even thinning scissors. All this was needed, but not immediately. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy a lot of scissors, you may want to use the services of a groomer.

9. Eye Care. Like every small child, the puppy has very tender eyes. At first, I had to wipe them twice a day with a cotton pad and a special eye care product. The baby has grown, and her eyes no longer require such careful care. Now I spend only morning hygiene, remove excess moisture and clots with a dry cotton pad.

10. Safe puppy toys. Basically, playing with toys consists in the fact that puppies gnaw them, lick them, etc. It is important that the toys are safe for the puppy's health, even if he manages to bite off a piece and swallow. You can buy special toys for dogs in pet stores. It is necessary to keep your puppy busy with toys, otherwise he will play with your things. Although, Shih Tzu are quite neatly played. Even the fluff on your slippers will remain intact.

11. Toilet diapers. In pet stores, you can buy special diapers so that the puppy goes to the toilet at home. Babies pee very often, so trying to teach a puppy to the street at an early age is not worth it. Walk on the street just like that, and let him go to the toilet on a diaper. Over time, my baby herself realized that she needed to cope with her needs on the street, but more on that another time.

Dog diapers

I used ordinary sheets, cut them into the necessary pieces, folded them several times and laid them in a corner. At first I had to change diapers almost every day, then less and less. Now they are not needed at all. Three things were enough for us: one in use, the second was drying after washing, the third was always there in case we were going to visit.

AttentionBy the way, if you are leaving for a visit with your puppy, I recommend taking with you the diaper that the baby has already peed on. Thus, it will be easier for him to navigate in a new place. Because of the new environment, smells, sounds, it will not be clear to the puppy where to write, even if you show him the diaper on the floor three times. His native smell of the toilet on the diaper will help him. If he pissed past, take his diaper and soak the puddle with it to increase the smell.

12. Flea and Tick Remedies. We bought a Shih Tzu puppy in late autumn, so I didn’t think about flea protection, and especially ticks, then, it’s not the season. If you bought a puppy in the warm season, be sure to treat it with products so that it doesn’t happen that dog bitten by a tick (and even more so the carrier of piroplasm). To enhance protection, you can purchase a special collar. And if you plan to often walk in the park and in the forest, I advise you to purchase special sprays that are applied to the coat a few hours before the walk. Be careful with ticks.

NegativeMy baby Shih Tzu recently had piroplasmosis. Most likely, the drops have not yet begun to work well, and the tick has already managed to find my dog. I recognized the symptoms at an early stage of the disease. I will also talk about this in future articles.

The first worries are always very interesting. The reverent attention to the puppy once again emphasizes the fact that you are responsible for his life. The first three nights after the arrival of the baby Shih Tzu in our house, I had to wake up every hour to lull her. She whined, missed her mother and brothers. She slept next to our bed and sometimes I had to put my hand down and stroke her, as mothers usually do - they lick their babies with their tongues. I hoped that my stroking my hand somehow could replace my mother's caress. We were afraid to let her into our bed, she was so small.

Shih Tzu is sleeping

PozitivchikNow my husband and I have to share our bed for three. One of us often wakes up "in a horseman's hat", which sniffs right into the ear. And one has only to look with one eye at the clock in the early morning, as the “hat” begins to actively kiss - lick its face, wag its tail, bend and expose its stomach. This is how we start every morning.

Feelings are incredible.

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  1. Valentina
    21.10.2014 at 11: 21 Reply

    I read it with great pleasure! My husband and I love the Yorkshire Terrier!!! Thanks for the story!!!

    • Natalia
      22.10.2014 at 12: 33 Reply

      And thank you for your feedback))

  2. Oksana
    03.04.2015 at 20: 30 Reply

    In 2 days we will have a Shih Tzu, we are getting ready. your story and advice helped a lot, thanks!

    • Natalia
      04.04.2015 at 15: 01 Reply

      Very happy! )))
      You will not regret choosing this breed. If you have any questions, ask - I'll be happy to answer)))

  3. Ksenia
    11.04.2015 at 13: 22 Reply

    In a week I'm going to pick up my baby Shih Tzu. I can't wait)))
    Please tell me how old was your baby when you got him? I just
    I'm really afraid that he will cry and miss (

    • Natalia
      17.04.2015 at 12: 44 Reply

      We adopted our baby when she was 3 months old. The first couple of nights were difficult, she cried. I even had to sleep near her couch on the floor. Then during the week I had to sleep with my hand on the floor, to her. They didn’t take her to bed, she was small - they were afraid to pinch her by accident. And then she got used to

  4. Anastasia
    30.04.2015 at 07: 07 Reply

    A very sincere article, it is clear that a person writes with love! It's nice to read! I will also have a baby Shih Tzu on May 5.05!

    • Natalia
      30.04.2015 at 10: 03 Reply

      Thank you!
      It's great that you chose a Shih Tzu! Ask - I will answer any questions)))

  5. Valeria
    13.07.2015 at 22: 15 Reply

    I'm very afraid that when we buy a Shih Tzu, it will take a lot of money for a baby ((
    I’m also thinking about buying a Shih Tzu or another puppy ...

    • Natalia
      23.07.2015 at 16: 15 Reply

      It doesn't really matter what breed the dog is. Puppies of all breeds are whimsical. Therefore, do not worry! Choose the breed to which the soul lies))

      • Masha
        28.08.2016 at 05: 19 Reply

        Hello. I got a puppy yesterday. He is tame. Mom says that it’s bad. What should I do?
        And what else to do if the puppy does not sleep at night?
        Only a few times about 20-30 minutes.

        Help please!

        • Ludmila Markina
          15.11.2016 at 16: 58 Reply

          Hello. If your puppy is of the Shih Tzu breed, and from time to time jumps out into your arms when you are sitting resting, there is nothing wrong with that, the dog is quite compact, and not very heavy, even as an adult. But if your puppy doesn't get off your hands at all, then your mom is right. The puppy must be taught to spend time on his own, playing with toys, to teach him to move independently around the house and while walking on the street.
          As for night sleep, try not to let your puppy sleep during the day, and then he will get used to sleeping at night.

  6. Olga
    27.07.2015 at 11: 18 Reply

    Two weeks ago we bought a shih tzu puppy 2,5 months. We have a problem with walking, and especially with the toilet outside. He does not want to go for a walk, he does not go to the toilet on the street. Starts whining and asking to go home. We arrive and she runs to pee on a diaper. How to teach her to do her business on the street? Are there dogs that don't like to walk?

    • Natalia
      27.07.2015 at 12: 41 Reply

      Familiar situation. We went through this too. For walks on the street and a toilet on the grass, the puppy must be slowly and gradually accustomed. You don't have to do anything special for this. Just walk the puppy and that's it. Let him sniff the bushes where other dogs have been marking and let him sniff other people's piles. Thus, very soon the puppy will understand that he can go to the grass. Instincts will turn on and he will also want to mark the territory. Well, and to consolidate the victory, praise and treat with something tasty immediately after the puppy goes to the grass. That's exactly what we had. At first, they just walked on the street, and went to the toilet for a diaper. And then everything turned out by itself)))

  7. Olga
    27.07.2015 at 13: 12 Reply

    Thanks, I hope! And then I already had thoughts that something was wrong with the dog. Maybe the breeder got scared of the street or something. We praise her so constantly, after she goes to the diaper. Just a second child

  8. Tatyana
    10.12.2015 at 12: 45 Reply

    Thanks for the useful article, our Bonechka is 3 months old, everything is fine with the toilet, but with the hair, the bangs are small and the “chrysanthemum” completely closes her eyes, I can’t figure out how to clean it, I don’t want to cut it. Another question, do you brush with iron teeth?

  9. Valeria
    13.07.2018 at 09: 15 Reply

    please tell me from how many months you can walk with a shih tzu puppy on a leash

    • Konstantin Markin
      27.08.2018 at 11: 58 Reply

      From 3 or 4 months on a leash and collar. And on the harness even earlier.