Leon and the pond

I want to tell you two short stories about my American Cocker Spaniel Leon: “Leon and the pond” and Best Beach Swimmers. Who does not know this hunting breed of dogs, spaniels hunt mainly for wild birds, and to be more precise, they get shot prey from the water. Therefore, this breed of dog feels great in the water.

Now about my Leon, he not only felt good in the water, he simply adored it. As soon as Leon saw the reservoir, he immediately rushed there. Actually, my dog ​​was well brought up, very obedient, but water is his weakness.

So that Leon could realize his qualities, I came up with a game for him - I just threw toys into the water, and he brought them to me, over time, stones became our toys. So Leon dived once and got me a stone from the bottom - this is how a new game appeared, I threw a stone into the water, and he dived and got it.

dog underwater

Acquaintance with the reservoir was not usual. Walked with friends and Leon near the river, I still did not know how my dog ​​loves water. While Leon went for a walk along the beach without a leash, I was distracted by my friends, and when I turned to Leon, he was nowhere to be found. I was scared out of my mind! I called him, looked for him on the water, but all to no avail. And so, I spotted on the water something very similar to the tail of my pet. Yes, it was him. Leon, it turns out, was so delighted with the water that he was under water for a long time. So he dived and was completely submerged under water, twirling his short tail.

I picked him up by the tail in fear, because I thought he had choked. And on his muzzle he had an expression of extraordinary joy. He seemed to be telling me - "I'm so happy with the water, why are you distracting me from this pleasure." To be honest, I was amazed by the abilities and interests of my dog. Then I let him freely both swim and dive.

Kolya, Chernivtsi
Contest participant me and my dog

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