Best Beach Swimmers

I went to rest on the sea and of course I took Leon with me, as without a friend. Leon very quickly became a favorite of beachgoers, as he was a very active and cheerful dog, happy to play different games on the water.

But it seems that Leon got tired of all the games, and he decided to test himself in a new test: he can check what the sailors do on board the ships, or he can relax in Turkey;). In general, my Leon left everyone and sailed into the open sea.

dog at sea

At first I was not worried, as we often swam with him quite far from the coast, but I did not think that he would swim so far into the sea. At first I just called him, but he did not respond. I knew that water was his element and he sometimes became out of control. He stubbornly moved towards the ships, which were far, far away in the sea. I dropped everything and rushed after him into the sea.

I don’t want to brag, but I’m an excellent swimmer, and even taking this into account, it was very difficult to catch up with him ... So we collected half of the beach of spectators with my dog. Even rescuers were found, but they were not useful to us. I caught up with Leon and brought him back to shore myself. After that, we were given the title of the best swimmers on the beach, but still we had to scold him, so as not to risk his life in the future.

Kolya, Chernivtsi
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Contest participant me and my dog

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