Love in the heart

My lucky dog. I fell in love with her from the first moment we met. The meeting turned out to be fateful, then I did not know that we would be together. All my life I dreamed of my own dog, I realized one simple truth - a dog must be earned. How difficult it was for her and me, I will tell further.

On a cold November evening, a young girl, walking with her faithful friend, saw a terrible sight. A six-month-old puppy, curled up, shaking from the cold. Calling him, the puppy did not react in any way, all because the puppy was on the verge of death. Coming closer, the girl saw that the puppy was completely hairless, somewhere there was simply no skin, bloody, someone mocked him, you can’t make out boiling water or acid. Having reacted immediately, the girl calls the Sevastopol homeless animal rescue service.

The puppy is taken to the clinic, where the acute question is solved: life or humane death?! Having made the decision LIFE - the puppy is taken to overexposure, where I met him, or rather, I met her. I had a lot of free time, and I decide to help the poor animal.

Froxy - before

Every day I go to the other end of the city to feed, drink and do all the necessary treatment procedures. I was not alone, there I met girls who have the same strong and kind hearts. I found a new family in the person of defenders of homeless animals!

For half a year we nurse the beautiful Foxya, after which I decide to take her life into my own hands. She is moving into my apartment. We continue to take care of our health, we have experienced various skin diseases, for a long time we have struggled with various types of subcutaneous mites, we have restored the liver and pancreas.

Froxy now

Last year, I decide to move to a country house where Foxy will have ideal living conditions. It turns out that Foxy loves to swim in the sea. She loves everyone around, but she is also an excellent guard, she perfectly smells good and bad. And Foxy has a best friend - Nora, a tricolor cat 🙂 I have never seen a happier dog, Foxy knows how to smile and everyone sees it who meets her live. :)))
Thanks to God, thanks to the girls who found and saved my beloved Foxya 🙂

Yana Botryakova
Contest participant me and my dog

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3 comment

  1. Yanina
    19.01.2014 at 18: 58 Reply

    Great, good story!

  2. Irina
    21.01.2014 at 08: 23 Reply

    Yana! You are such a good guy! The history is very good. Foxy has grown into a beauty, she has smart eyes and a beautiful fluffy fur coat. God bless you both!!!!!

  3. Anastasia
    02.02.2014 at 00: 22 Reply

    A very touching story. It gives faith that the world is not without good people. Your dog is very similar to mine. Well done for not leaving Foxy alone!