My dog's name is Bona, she comes from a shelter. Perhaps, I think that adopting a dog from a shelter is a very pleasant and kind act. And I'll tell you how we lived the first month.

Bona as a child

As you know, little children wake up very early, which means that the good morning has already begun, no matter what time it is. Well, it's the same story with puppies. If you want your dog not to shit at home, but endure until the street, then as soon as the puppy wakes up and has already begun to play, you should immediately run outside with him. But no one knows at what time the puppy wakes up, he chooses himself, and, usually, this is early-early morning, as soon as the sun rises.


It's good that I took Bonochka in the summer, and therefore it was not difficult to walk with her in the morning, because it's warm and light outside, and I'm not in a hurry. And now ... I sleep soundly, I dream, summer, holidays. But what can be a dream if you have a little joy in the form of a puppy? That's right, none! The clock is about four or five in the morning, and Bona is no longer sleeping. I quickly get up and go for a walk with her.

In general, I liked it: the time that I spent with my puppy in the morning was just wonderful and happy. There is silence on the street. We play with her, roll in the grass, run and have fun together. We both had a lot of fun. And when we got home, we slept a little, rested with Bona in the room that was being renovated, because we didn’t want to wake anyone up. And every day I got more and more used to early walks, and my dog ​​was like a morning alarm clock for me. Of course, I loved to walk with Bona in the morning, but gradually I got tired, because I did not get enough sleep.

And so, Bona began to wake up later and later, and, in the end, she learned to go to the toilet only on the street. Now she sleeps until I get up, and she seems to have always liked it and still likes it. Sometimes, for example, on a weekend or a holiday, when you really want to lie in bed, and Bona has already woken up, she climbs onto my bed and continues to doze with me.

Bona and parrot

That's not all the trouble. I think that all puppies love to chew on shoes, tear books, newspapers and everything else that they can see. My dog ​​is no exception. As soon as she stayed at home alone, she made chaos. We go into the apartment, and there: torn toys, paper, newspapers, books ... and Bona, quiet and meek, lies either on the sofa or on the floor, building an innocent face. And, of course, she thinks that in this way we will not guess that she made a mess.

As soon as we did not hide things from Bona, she still found them. As a result, she "ate" my favorite ballet flats, in which I walked with her in the morning, the most interesting children's books of my sister, and so on. By the way, the photo below shows a leg from the bed, which Bona also gnawed when she was a puppy:

dog stretching

And we decided to take extreme measures: leaving Bona alone, we closed all the doors to the rooms and hid in them everything that she could gnaw, leaving only some of her personal toys. Of course, it is a pity to leave her alone in a dark corridor, but education is a serious matter.

After some time, Bona realized that it was impossible to gnaw and tear everything. Now she is six years old, but sometimes she wants to play a little naughty at home. We allow her, but everything, of course, in moderation and according to the mind.

Nastya, 17 years old, Tolyatti, Samara region
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  1. Sergei
    28.02.2014 at 04: 52 Reply

    Very interesting teaching method! You need to take note, and the fact that they are not puppies, and the floor of the house is upside down. Bought curtains three times.

    • Anastasia
      13.03.2014 at 22: 54 Reply

      Good luck in raising little pranksters 🙂