My coward

So, another story about my most faithful friend, or rather girlfriend. My dog's name is Bona. One beautiful autumn, or maybe spring day, I was walking with my friends, well, my dog ​​was always with me. She is my big coward, like a big one, no longer a puppy, but she is afraid of absolutely everything. Perhaps because she lived in an orphanage. She was probably scared there (in the photo she is still a baby, now she is almost 6 years old).

Bona as a child

I often walk with Bona, not keeping her on a leash, because I trust her, and even without a leash she obeys me better. My friends and I were approaching a small road, but I didn’t notice how my dog ​​rushed after the cat, and she ran towards the road! I called her, but when it comes to a cat, it's hard to stop her.

And then she ran out onto the road, and there was a car driving, on the other side another one. And these two cars knocked out Bonu: one first hit the head, the other hit him in the side. And my dog ​​rushed forward out of fear. She didn't listen to anyone. She was just very scared, she had a shock, because of which she did not understand anything.

My friends and I ran right after her, but the faster we ran, the more she accelerated. All the passersby that Bona flew past told me with such displeasure that you need to keep your dogs on a leash. She ran farther and farther away, and lo and behold, we lost her. I didn't even know where she could be. We searched everywhere we could. But all to no avail. All day, evening and midnight we roamed the streets in search of my dog. I was more and more worried, because I have such a coward. I was very afraid of losing her. I hardly slept all night, but I still fell asleep.

The next morning, I started looking again. I printed out a lot of ads, and together with my brother on bicycles I went to look for Bon and put up ads. So we spent the day, and all to no avail. But, I did not stop believing that my dog ​​would be found. Tired and upset, I began to ask and beg God to help me, because there was nothing more to hope for.

That same evening, I received messages that they saw my dog, but she was no longer at that place. A little more sad, I fell asleep. But suddenly my parents wake me up abruptly and say that Bona is now near the school next to our house. It was as if I had a second wind, and I dressed as quickly as a soldier. Dad and I ran to the school yard, and now ... my Dog is running to meet me! Very happy and happy to finally find her! She had small scratches, after which Bona left a small scar under her eye, but these are trifles, the main thing is that she is alive and well.

Bona - 6 years

Until that day, my Bona had already been hit by a car, but she immediately ran home. And she also ran away from the noise of fireworks, but even then we quickly found her, in just a few hours. But this time, she made us very nervous for her. And since then, she no longer ran away from us, because she understood what it was like to live on the street. And now, when a similar situation happens, she just cuddles up to me and walks side by side until she calms down.

Nastya, 17 years old, Tolyatti, Samara region
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  1. Irina
    24.01.2014 at 08: 17 Reply

    Your Banna is smart! Learned the lessons of life. She has wonderful ears and eyes.

  2. Irina
    24.01.2014 at 08: 17 Reply

    Sorry for the typo in the name, of course Bona.

    • Anastasia
      24.01.2014 at 23: 24 Reply

      Thank you very much, she is good for me 🙂