My faithful chihuahua

I wanted to have a dog at the age of 5, but my parents did not allow me. In 2013, I turned 17 years old and for my birthday I was presented with this wonderful treasure - CHIHUAHA! Her name is Ivita-Dol-Che-Vita, or Docha for short. On May 9, she became ill from the heat and I abandoned all my affairs for the sake of my Daughter. I took her into my arms and she calmed down. And so I sat with her for four hours before my mother came and gave her water to drink.


Sometimes she is very bored and sad, but I try to somehow cheer her up. Now Daughter is 10 months old and she already knows three commands, although it is not customary to train such small dogs. Like any other dog, she follows me with her tail, we sleep together. And she can understand me without words, you just have to look at her. She is a very good guard, barks like a big dog and does not let any stranger beyond the threshold of the apartment.

Katya, 17 years old, Tver
Contest participant me and my dog

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  1. Lorena Traore
    08.08.2015 at 09: 12 Reply

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