Dog muzzles - how to choose

Dog muzzles are a necessary attribute while walking with a pet, since, firstly, you are responsible for the safety of others and your pet, and secondly, this is provided for by law. This is especially true for those animals that are included in the list of "dangerous" breeds.

In order for your pet to feel comfortable even in a muzzle, you need to choose the right one.

Muzzles for puppies

If this is a puppy, or a young dog, then a plastic mesh muzzle is quite suitable. This muzzle is also suitable for small breed dogs.

plastic muzzle

It is lightweight, well ventilated in the heat, retains its shape, is suitable for frosty weather and is easy to care for. And a lot more important plus is the price, since you will need to change the muzzle periodically, since the puppies grow quite quickly.

Muzzle for large dogs

For walks with a large dog, it is better to choose a muzzle made of plastic-coated steel wire. It is comfortable both in heat and cold, keeps its shape and is easy to care for. Your dog can walk for a long time without feeling discomfort. It allows you to breathe freely, open your mouth as much as the animal needs, and even drink freely. You can, of course, wear a chrome-plated metal mesh muzzle for a walk, which has all the advantages of the previous product, with the exception of one thing - in winter it is necessary to insert a leather cover into such a muzzle that will protect the nose and lips of the animal from frostbite.

Muzzle for large dogs

Closed muzzles for aggressive dogs

Closed leather and plastic muzzles are not the best option for long walks. Because of the rather small holes, they make breathing difficult and can contribute to overheating, and as a result, heat stroke. In addition, saliva can accumulate in such products, which also causes discomfort to the animal. But if you have an aggressive dog, then you need just such a closed design of the muzzle, which eliminates the possibility of accidental bites.

As a working material, preference is given to a leather muzzle with a metal insert. Thanks to the plate, the impact force of the dog increases. Such a muzzle is made individually, taking into account the size and anatomical features of the dog.

AttentionBut do not forget, no muzzles for dogs will protect others from aggressive behavior if the animal does not have proper upbringing and control from its owner.

Ludmila Markina

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