Muzzles for dogs - a necessity or a whim

Muzzles for dogs are an important attribute and accessory of their life, like a collar and a leash.

Why and when you need a muzzle:

– it plays an important role in the upbringing and training of the dog;
- the muzzle acts as a guarantor of safety for others and the dog itself;
- is a necessity during dog walking and shows your responsibility to others.

Teaching a pet to muzzle is important for its development, as the dog not only learns to use its teeth in a move, but also restrains itself in their use.

1. When a dog chatters its teeth indiscriminately - tries everything. This behavior is common to many puppies as they get to know the world by taste and learn to use their teeth.

By applying natural instincts, puppies begin to understand how teeth can be used and what can be achieved with their help. If they succeed, then they need to wean - to correct the behavior.

Dog muzzles

Often we are approached by the owners of such dogs with a request to correct similar behavior. Already in the course of working with the behavior of the dog, you can use a muzzle. First of all - for the safety of the trainer. And not only, but also so that the dog forgets, at least for a while, about the teeth and the ability to bite.

AttentionWhen training a pet to wear a muzzle, the dog may perceive it as something that fetters its freedom and dignity. It is important to take this into account at the first meeting and to produce training as a game. Thus, you gently and without problems accustom the dog to the muzzle.

2. Muzzle required in training and behavior modification dogs, when she picks up food from the ground, stones, sticks, both edible and non-edible.

Weaning the dog from this occurs first on a leash in the presence of the owner and trainer. But the dog gets used to the fact that there is control on the part of the person and does not pick up anything in his presence.

A muzzle for a dog is also used during training and consolidating the skill not to pick up anything from the ground, when working without a leash and without the attention of a trainer. For example, when training the skill not to pick up food from the ground in the yard where the dog lives.

AttentionThe muzzle, if its design allows, will not allow the dog to pick up anything from the ground. That is, you can be absolutely calm about the dog on walks. The only thing that can be useful on the street is green grass. In this case, you can just help him.

3. It is the owner of the dog who is to blame for the fact that the dog hurts someone. The use of a muzzle while walking with a pet is also your peace of mind towards other people and animals. Since you can not always be vigilant. Fatigue after work, an early drowsy pet walk, or your illness can cause your pet to be neglected, which can lead to situations where he uses his teeth.

You cannot insure against all troubles. Often the yard carries a lot of different cases where a dog can use its teeth, even when it has not previously done so. Dogs also, depending on their state of health or irritability, can use their teeth to solve some of their canine situations that are not always possible to foresee.

Dogs in muzzles

For example, the dog was injured during the game - hit his side. The owner did not notice this and after a while decided to stroke the dog, catching the sore spot with his hand. Because of the pain, the dog may slightly bite the owner, scaring away from the damaged area. Now imagine that instead of the owner there will be a small child in the sandbox, where the dog will run up.

PozitivchikIf the dog is properly accustomed to the muzzle and comfortable to wear, then wearing it will not constitute any strong psychological discomfort for the pet. The dog may even like to wear it - as an accessory (they can show off even to other dogs in the yard).

4. When visiting the veterinarian in any painful situation, the muzzle can protect both the veterinarian and the owner of the dog from injury. Since the pain shock can be more than respect for the owner, and the desire for freedom, to escape and get away from the pain effect is so great that the dog is ready to bite everyone indiscriminately. In such situations, the owner of the dog and not only can easily be bitten.

5. The same situation can happen if you have to break up fighting dogs. It's embarrassing to be bitten by your dog.

dog muzzle

Muzzles for dogs are an important part in education and training, as well as a necessity for various situations. It is not the dog who does not like to wear muzzles, but the person mistakenly assumes this. Teach your pet to wear a muzzle and then you will be sure that you can wear it when you get into different life situations. Your experience in this will distinguish you from an inexperienced dog breeder. We are also sure that your pet will appreciate the care of him in the purchase of a new accessory.

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