surprise attack

I have two dogs, a small one, a cross between a lap dog and a Pekingese, and a large one, shepherd dog translations. First: the mongrel is small, she is afraid of everything, therefore she always barks, for which she paid more than once.

When we walk both dogs, no matter how hard Timka (Pekingese) tries, no one will touch him out of “respect” for his more respectable companion. But, sometimes you have to walk only with him alone. And, frankly, only caution saves from large dogs. I grab my hands every time I see a dog moving towards me.

Although such a "pug" that barks at everything and everyone in a row, sometimes it endangers me. So I want, first of all, to warn everyone who has such “time bombs”. Do not take it in your arms, and if you have, hide it under your coat, hold his mouth shut and turn around. Just not to meet a potential rival. And yet, be prepared that sooner or later, your pet will be "friendly met" by someone who is ready to tear him apart.


I had a terrible experience this week on Friday. We walked without the accompaniment of a shepherd dog. Therefore, we decided that we would leave early in the morning. But as soon as we retreated to some 100 meters, how from where? .. it is not known, my baby did not even have time to bark, he was attacked by a fighting dog.

In appearance, it is clear that the owner “sharpened” him for battles, everything is as it should be: young, strong, ears and tail dived. And the behavior of the owner of the fighter dispelled any doubts that he would help me. On the contrary, he set his dog on my Timka, apparently for the fights, his dog had to taste the first blood.

I was confused, and from this I missed a minute, and it was worth gold, because it was the first time for that beast. The owner even persuaded him: "Fas!" well, etc., in the same spirit.

Sign of attentionMy second mistake was that I grabbed my dog ​​and began to drag him away. These are wrong actions. Firstly, it provoked the attacker, he grabbed my Timych more firmly and confidently. Secondly, you can literally tear the victim.

I began to think about what could be done. Grab by the ears - they are cut off. And as it turned out, for my own good, because it's wrong. Even if this dog would let go of my Timka, my hand was nearby, what prevented the dog from rushing at her?! The tail is also cropped. You can't grab it and you can't pull it off. Although in some cases it was precisely this that saved me, or rather my dog.

When I assessed the situation, the decision came. I grabbed the stick. But at my cry, the terrible laughter of the owner of the fighter and the squeal of my bug, the janitor was already running. Her broom seemed to me a better option.

With the handle of a broom, I tried to get into the neck of the "usurper" and strangle him. But he kept dodging. And then I noticed that the broom was tied to a stick with nylon stockings, and one end of this improvised rope was quite long. It was with them that I began to tighten the neck of a fighting dog.

Probably, in some kind of frenzy, I had a huge strength, even though I myself am quite “small”. Surprisingly, I found that the angry dog ​​not only let go of my Tima, but also began to suffocate, and I still could not (as if petrified) let him go. Not only that, I thought that by releasing my dog, he might pounce on me. Therefore, I knew that as soon as I let go, I need to stick a broom handle into the teeth of a healthy dog.

Seeing that his dog already needed help, the owner of the fighter pulled me away, grabbed his dog in his arms, and sped away. And Timka and I almost crawled home, beaten and broken.

That's how we "walked". As a result of this, my 14-year-old pet has a broken jaw on one side. We called our own (with such a dog we made friends with a veterinarian who is ready to rush to us day and night) doctor.

Olga (Berdyansk)

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