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We are glad to welcome you in our circle!

People around us often call us weird because we waste time and money on our furry friends. It does not matter that they bark at night, molt and pull us out of a warm bed at dawn. People out there, outside of our circle, cannot understand that dogs are not "just animals". They are our friends.

positive emoticonWe are deeply grateful to that ancient hunter who once brought a tiny wolf cub to the cave. What for? What stirred in the ancient brain? What helped you to see in a helpless little animal a series of future assistants, defenders, true friends?

They are so different! It is almost impossible to believe that the St. Bernard and Chihuahua are animals of the same species. But they have one thing in common - boundless love for a person. The man considers himself the owner of the dog, but the dog does not agree with him. She considers her man a god.

* * *

We all love our dogs, and therefore we try to make their life happy. But everything happens in life. And if a disease comes, it is important to meet it fully armed, to do everything to help our pets. You can find a lot of useful information on the pages of our website. Please take this information as a guide. And be sure to seek help from a veterinarian, because only a specialist can correctly assess the degree of danger and provide qualified assistance to your pet.

And we also understand that a dog living in society should not create problems for others. Therefore, it is very important from an early age teach the puppy the basics of obedience, take a general training course with him. You can also read detailed information about training on the pages of our website.

It is difficult for outsiders to understand us. But if you are with us, if everything that is said here resonates in your heart, then you are no longer strangers.

Welcome to the world of DOGS!

Since 2016, the management of the site has been transferred to the Markin family, Lyudmila and Konstantin. Our thanks to the Moshchenko family, Natalia and Vasily, for their help and assistance in previous periods.


You can contact us using the form below or write to us at dogmarkin@gmail.com

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