Beware of Ticks

So, I will tell you another story about my dog ​​Bona.

Spring. Everything is flowering. Animals, insects wake up. The weather is getting warmer and warmer. How wonderful, summer is coming! But, for those who have a dog, this is not good news, since it is at this time that ticks wake up. Everyone knows that they are very dangerous not only for people, but also for dogs.

Finding a tick on a person is not a big deal and effort, except for the head, of course. And finding a tick under a dog's coat is quite difficult. Most ticks are not dangerous, they are not poisonous, but there are some ticks that, as soon as they bite, they release their poison into the dog's blood. This poison is deadly for everyone. And my dog ​​encountered such a tick twice ...

Bona dog

I often walk with Bona in the forest, go with her to the Volga to buy her, in spring the river is especially clean and transparent. But to reach it, you need to go through the forest. And I'm on a bike, and my dog ​​runs after me and we walk. And, perhaps, that's when Bona picked up a tick. After each walk, I carefully examine it, but sometimes I do not find an insect. And this time I don’t remember exactly whether I found a tick or not, but he had already managed to bite Bona, but I didn’t know yet that Bona got sick from him.

I began to notice that something was wrong with her: she was not eating well, she was somehow exhausted, her nose was hot, she was not in the mood. On the first day of infection, the dog feels well, but when two or three days pass, the state of health deteriorates sharply. And I realized that Bonu was still bitten by a tick.

Dog bitten by a tick

The time was approaching midnight, and she was getting worse and worse. I was very worried, because this is the second time, before that, last summer, Bona also became infected. And I decided that I needed to urgently go to the veterinary clinic. Bona did not want to go anywhere, she did not have the strength, especially at night. But I forced her, and together with dad we went by car. There the doctor looked at her, made an injection and, accordingly, prescribed treatment (also injections).

I was very worried about my dog, because if treatment is not started on time, then you can lose the animal ... and this is the second time with her.

Bona on the shore

And now, after a couple of days, Bonochka has more or less recovered! She ran again, ate well, well, in short, she came to her senses, and my real Bona woke up in her: frisky, cheerful, playful. After such accidents, I am now very afraid of ticks, and I try in every possible way to ensure the safety of Bona.

Nastya, 17 years old, Tolyatti, Samara region
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