Dangerous dog breeds and the reasons for their danger

From childhood, we are taught the idea that a dog is a man's best friend. But this is not the case in all cases. Such decorative companion breeds as Shih Tzu, poodle simply cannot harm a person. But, there are other, powerful, aggressive and dangerous breeds of dogs, as well as those that nature itself has genetically endowed with enormous energy, over which a person, suppressing a pet in a small city apartment, risks losing control one day.

The most dangerous dog breeds in the world also live with people. If they are well brought up and strictly trained, they do not pose a danger to anyone in a peaceful situation. But there are also such owners who are negligent in training, or train animals too cruelly, turning them into real killers.

Fighter. For the most dangerous dog in the world (according to numerous sources) in the world, 1552 attacks on people were noticed - the pit bull breed. In the fighting ring, this dog has no equal. The dog will not end the fight until it kills the opponent. Moreover, the feeling of fear is not inherent in the pit bull - he is able to attack the enemy of any size.

Pit bull breed

The best of the best individuals were selected to maintain and develop the fighting qualities of the breed. But, it should be understood that behind the invincibility of these dogs was their mind, and not physical strength. The dog that behaved strategically won. Any manifestation of aggression in the human direction was considered a vice, suppressed and not allowed for further breeding (some sources claim that such dogs were destroyed). For breeding, those individuals were allowed that had the most developed friendliness to people and the desire to win.

Quite a lot of time has passed since then and the pit bull breed is becoming more and more a domestic smart favorite dog for many people. But, when choosing this breed, one should take into account its fighting spirit in the blood, which it carries in itself from those times to this day. Friendliness to people faltered due to the time frame and poor-quality upbringing of the pet. And the desire to win is always a passion.

Security guard. The Rottweiler is a strong service dog breed, not as cruel as a pit bull, but still it should be treated with caution. The animal has a highly developed territorial instinct. He does not like uninvited guests and does not want to share the same house with anyone (457 attacks on people). Rottweiler dogs have a very developed sense of dominance. Fearless and confident.

Rottweiler with a puppy

For education and training, the services of a cynologist-tamer are necessary. Not recommended for beginner dog lovers.

Energy. Huskies are very similar to their ancestors - wolves. They are very smart, but if the energy overflows, the dogs turn into real pests and destroyers of everything. You can get rid of this problem by loading the animal with training. Coming home without strength, the dog will not have the desire to mischief. 56 husky attacks on people were recorded.

Husky frolicking in the snow

Do not forget that earlier the Husky dog ​​breed was used for its intended purpose - northern sled dogs. And this energy, the air of the Siberian mountains remained in their memory and blood.

Wolf blood. Wolf hybrids are produced by mating a dog and a wolf. The result is the breeding of a breed that is less aggressive than free timber wolves. The animal obeys commands, but this does not make it absolutely safe for humans. 82 cases of attack on a person are known.

wolf dog

Breeds that can be attributed to this category: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Sarlos Wolfdog, etc.

Owner. By the love with which the Dogo Canario communicates with his master, you can never think that this dog is deadly to outsiders. The animal has no sense of fear at all. Incredible strength helps the dog to cope with any opponent (58 attacks on people). Its early purpose was as a shepherd guarding and accompanying cattle.

Breed Dogo Canario

The dog has such a developed sense of ownership and responsibility for his property that someone may not be greeted if this someone is a completely unwanted guest.

Sign of attentionI would also like to draw your attention to the fact that a person can be attacked by any breed of dog. Even the cutest decorative dogs can be cruel, attack you, your children, if the owner of this dog shows a negligent attitude towards raising his pet.

As a rule, a dog learns behavior from its owner from an early age. Taking a puppy into his home, the pet enters a new environment and, like a sponge, absorbs everything that happens around. If your house likes to yell at each other, don't expect your dog to be quiet. If a puppy has been abused by a person from an early age, the dog will grow up aggressive. After all, he will think that this is how it should be - to use his teeth and hurt others, because he saw this in people from childhood.

In addition, a growing puppy will one day try to take the place of the “leader of the pack” in your family, so from an early age he looks closely and learns the behavior of the leader of your family. No wonder they say that a dog is a reflection of its owner.

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