Canine translator - what does a dog want to convey to you when it licks you?

Earlier, in the blog, we provided you with a table with illustrations, where the cute Boston Terrier dog Buggy shows you a complete list of gestures with translation into human language. Such a translator from a dog language has already helped many people to better interact with their four-legged friends. We invite you to familiarize yourself with this table of the doggie Buggy - “Dog sign language».

And now that you've covered the basics of dog sign language, let's look at the case of a dog licking you. What does the dog want to convey to you with such a gesture?

Dog wants to lick

Your dog gets great pleasure when he licks your face, hands or feet. The reasons why she does this are different, but the main thing she wants to tell you is that she loves you! Let's take a look at other hidden messages of this pleasant, if unhygienic (according to many) dog behavior:

The dog licks you because he loves you!

You know full well that it's not hygienic for a dog to lick your face, but it's so cute when he does that you can't help but embrace this act of love with open arms. This is the simplest proof of love and affection that a dog can show you.

The dog needs your attention.

When bored or feeling lonely, the dog attracts the attention of the owner, starting to lick him. By using this behavior, she wants to convey to you that she feels ignored or wants to play. This is a way for her to get your attention.

The dog licks you because he is bored.

They thought that the feeling of melancholy is peculiar only to people. This emotional state can also be observed in dogs when returning home after a long absence. The dog jumps on the owner and then starts licking non-stop, especially his face. This is a way to convey to you how much she missed you.

A dog may use licking to blackmail.

The dog is smarter than you think and has some ways of blackmailing you emotionally. Licking is one of the ways that the dog uses for this purpose. After that, she gets more food, more toys, or other things that make her happy.

The dog licks you because it relaxes you.

It also happens that a dog licks you without any purpose, but for its own pleasure. According to experts, at this time, the brain releases endorphins, which bring a feeling of pleasure and security.

Perhaps, having lived with a dog for many years, you have discovered or will discover for yourself other reasons for such a gesture as your pet licking you. Then, you can safely replenish the translator from the dog. Write about your observations in the comments, it will be very interesting.

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  1. Catherine
    17.08.2016 at 01: 22 Reply

    Where it hurts and licks me!
    Highlight swollen feet licked
    I'm talking fu!
    Complete ignore!
    As soon as my mother sees this, she starts scolding the dog!
    But we are one on one with him again for our own

  2. Andrei
    12.11.2016 at 06: 42 Reply

    And we have this blackmail

    • Ludmila Markina
      15.11.2016 at 10: 20 Reply

      everything can always be changed for the better, if you want and try

  3. Inna
    15.02.2017 at 22: 15 Reply

    The dog licks his hands in gratitude for something, watching made conclusions.

  4. Alexey
    13.03.2017 at 21: 18 Reply

    My dog ​​loves to lick his back and ears, and only me, he does a kind of massage for me))) and when something hurts, he licks with some kind frenzy)))