Why does the dog push sideways

A dog in the house is a huge book that you can read endlessly and learn more and more new things from the animal world. Why does she act this way, and why not? What does she want to tell us with her gestures and why is she behaving like that? And even the most insignificant and imperceptible dog gestures for you can be a very cunning and insidious plan to enslave you as a dog.

Sign of attentionI want to immediately draw your attention to the fact that this or that behavior of dogs in relation to a person may not necessarily be a test for leadership. It is necessary to feel that very thin line - when a dog tests you, and when it just shows its emotions and love. Consider the signs in relation to the environment and the situation. It's one thing when your pet dog rubs against you after you get home from work. Another thing is when a street dog who doesn't care about you rubs against you in the same way.

Consider one of the points of their insidious plan - why the dog pushes sideways. When you walk your dog, walk beside her and feel how she pushes you with her side, so to speak - boarding, this is nothing more than a test of your stability and strength. That is, the dog, thus, checks whether it can currently raise its status in front of you, lead.

positive emoticonThese gestures can be observed during the games of two dogs among themselves. They run and constantly try to knock each other down, move their side - who is stronger. Thus, they measure their statuses and fight for leadership.

If you approach an unfamiliar dog and greet him, get to know him, you can also feel the same jolts sideways. A dog, especially a large one, seems to lean on your legs. She is testing you. It is important for you not to take a step back in doing so. Otherwise the dog will thinkyeah, I moved it, which means I'm stronger, I'm more important! And in this case, you can fill it up and take away the ice cream! Because I'm in the lead!»

dog nearby

If you feel your dog pushing sideways, push him back. You should show the dog that you are stronger. This is just a game. But, in these games, dogs prescribe leaders. Be sure to have the highest status in front of the dog. Otherwise, she will sit on your head, and you will be left without ice cream.

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