Why do dogs bite

I want to write a little about why dogs bite. Perhaps this will help you understand their nature more and avoid trouble. First of all, the environment in which the dog is located affects its upbringing. Depending on the environment in which it grows, the character of the animal will be formed. The character trait of a dog, in which it allows itself to bite, to use its teeth, may well be eliminated with the help of education.

Dogs have lived side by side with humans for more than 14 years. And it is unlikely that we got along if we bit each other. But, it is worth remembering that dogs are genetically designed to use their teeth. The reason is simple - the struggle for survival. Next to a man, in kindness and warmth, living in peace and friendship, with a mutually beneficial existence, there was no need for dogs to blow their fangs. You can repeatedly observe many examples of friendship between dogs and people. In almost every house, on every street. Dogs have become not only good protectors, watchmen, but even nannies for children. Tailed nannies patiently endure pampering and even support children in games. Parents are not afraid for their child, even if their dog has a huge mouth. We have learned to trust each other.

Dog and manSometimes dog teeth are good for humans. For example, in protection, protection, hunting. Trainers know that service dogs don't know how to bite properly from the start. And in order to direct this quality in a useful direction and with the right approach, training is carried out. Teaching a pet to bite correctly and on time is carried out together with obedience course. If necessary, trainers wean the pet to bite when it is not required.

Let's draw conclusions why dogs bite - no educational measures were applied. But, this only applies to pets. In dogs without a yard and a master, natural instincts return and this is a completely different story.

author - Konstantin Markin
(animal psychologist, animal trainer)

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