Drinking bowl for dogs during a walk

Winter is finally over and the first spring has come in the life of my little, fluffy Shih Tzu girl. Acquaintance with the awakening nature around was active and curious for her. We did not do without the first spring problem - piroplasmosis, the symptoms of which, fortunately, I recognized at an early stage. Everything worked out. I ask you to be attentive to your dogs and, with the slightest change in behavior, contact a doctor at least for advice. But, now I want to talk about another problem - providing a pet with clean water while walking. For this case, a drinking bowl for dogs (travelling, walking) is good.

How I realized that the dog wants to drink while walking

Winter does not make dogs thirsty. In extreme cases, he will lick the snow with his tongue a couple of times and run further. What can not be said about the summer, especially burning and stuffy. I am often asked by passers-by on the street “Will your dog be hot in summer in such a fur coat? Would you like a haircut?" No, I don't plan to cut my Shih Tzu yet. And I would like to draw your attention to the following:

AttentionWool protects dogs not only from cold, but also from heat. It is a kind of protection of the body from the surrounding unfavorable conditions. Wool helps to maintain the necessary body temperature of the animal and serves as a barrier that retains the air layer. This applies to all animals and birds. Therefore, remember that animals in a fur coat are more comfortable in summer than you and I in light summer clothes.

How do I know my dog ​​is thirsty while walking? Very simple. A cheerful playful dog suddenly began to simply walk beside her, lowering her tail. She began to breathe audibly through her mouth, sticking her tongue out. And when we passed near a puddle, she looked intently in the direction of the water. And then I realized that I need to provide the dog with fresh water during walks. Our walks sometimes drag on for a long time, especially when we walk with friends in the park.

What kind of water do I take for dog walks

I started to take a small glass jar (from caviar) with a lid into my bag, filling it with water, which the dog usually drinks. It was quite comfortable during walks, but the water did not last long. During long car trips, I often had to stop on the side of the road to water the dog. From many sources, you can learn that dogs do not tolerate long trips in a car without air conditioning. Therefore, it is better to go at night, etc.

You should take with you the water that the dog always drinks. Other, unfamiliar water can cause a digestive upset and pain in a dog.

Drinker for dogs

Once, in the most ordinary pet store, during a conversation with a consultant about surging problems, I was offered a camping drinker for dogs. I was interested in this accessory, and I immediately purchased it. In addition, it is absolutely not expensive.

Drinker for dogs

What does it represent? A water bottle in a housing that doubles as a drinking container. The lid is fixed to the body and is equipped with a valve for controlling the flow of water into the container, but at the same time remains movable. And the bottle can be unscrewed to get water. The whole structure folds compactly and can be carried by hooking it on a belt, bag, etc.

NegativeI did not immediately figure out how to properly snap off the lid in order to pour water into the container. Even after being shown to me at the pet store. Twice I tore off the cap completely, which could lead to damage to the accessory, and once I wet the interior of the car because I didn’t notice how I didn’t close the valve, the water poured out uncontrollably into the container, which I eventually turned over.

It is very convenient for me to carry a drinker with me on walks with the dog. Enough water no longer makes my dog ​​thirsty and I no longer have to rush her home to drink.camping drinker for dogs

Of course, there are walking drinkers for dogs and more expensive, made of high quality materials. But, that's a little later. Everything needs to be tried, everything has its time.

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