Dog breed - Laika

In the northern forests of Europe and Asia, there is an interesting and popular breed of dog among hunters from different countries - Laika. These dogs belong to the Spitz group and have such anatomical differences as pointed and constantly protruding ears, the dog's head is wedge-shaped, and the tail is folded into a ring. At the withers, huskies grow at least 38 and maximum 63 cm. The coat of these dogs is straight with a thick undercoat, the color tone can be different.

As a rule, these dogs are used when hunting large animals (bear), when hunting all fur-bearing animals (squirrels or martens), hunting ungulates (elk) or waterfowl. A feature of the huskies is their behavior during the hunt. So the husky, having found the beast, begins to bark loudly, attracting the attention of the latter, and thereby detains the beast until the hunter approaches. If there is a need to pursue a wounded animal, then in this case the husky behaves silently.

Laika attacks a wild boar

The extraction of fur-bearing animals and the export of furs have been one of the main profitable budget items in Russia for quite a long time, and therefore serious requirements were placed on hunting dogs. And if over time in the European part of Russia only aristocrats began to hunt with dogs, who used hounds in most cases, then in Siberian regions the local population hunted with huskies and they were best preserved there.

The study of this breed of dogs began around the end of the 19th century, and the first in this business were hunters and at the same time dog handlers M.G. Dmitrieva-Sulima and A.A. Shirinsky-Shikhmatov. These people themselves hunted with huskies and promoted this breed in every possible way, constantly publishing articles about these dogs in various publications.

West Siberian Laika

West Siberian Laika

The result of the work of these researchers was the first classification of huskies, which many consider the most objective. So, according to Dmitriev-Sulim, the huskies were divided into two groups.

The first of these included:

  • Finno-Karelian Laika;
  • Cheremis Laika;
  • Tunguska Laika;
  • Galician Laika;
  • Norwegian Laika;
  • Soyot Laika;
  • Zyryanskaya Laika;
  • Vogul Laika;
  • Ostyak Laika;
  • Buryat Laika.

The second group included:

  • Lapland Laika;
  • Samoyed husky.

In the future, work was constantly carried out to study this breed, and in 1939 five standards of huskies were developed and then adopted:

  1. Finno-Karelian Laika;
  2. Komi or Zyryanskaya Laika;
  3. Karelian Laika;
  4. Mansi or Vogul Laika;
  5. Khanty or Ostyak Laika.

Work on the study of the breed was interrupted by the war. However, in these difficult times, the country needed furs more than ever, which led to the creation of 65 nurseries, 17 of which contained only huskies.

Such attention to the breed was a new impetus for the study and breeding of the breed, and in 1947 four new breed standards were proposed and adopted in 1949:

  1. Karelian-Finnish Laika;
  2. West Siberian Laika;
  3. Russian-European Laika;
  4. East Siberian Laika.

And only in 1952 the current standards of this breed were adopted.

Modern likes:

  1. West Siberian Laika;
  2. Russian-European Laika;
  3. East Siberian Laika;
  4. Yakutian Laika;

There is also the Karelian-Finnish Laika breed recognized by everyone, but not included in the classification.

All these breeds of dogs are very good hunters. So, for example, the West Siberian Laika is a tireless hunter, the hardiest dog of the whole family, which showed itself perfectly when hunting a large game and is a master of marten hunting. This dog grows up to 61 cm at the withers with a minimum height of 51 cm, the weight of the West Siberian Laika is within the standard 18-23 kg. The coat of this breed of dog is short and sticking out to the sides, a collar is formed from wool on the neck.

Sign of attentionI want to draw your attention to the fact that husky and husky are two different breeds. I often hear people get confused. Owners of the now popular Husky dog ​​breed are offended when their pets are called huskies. Laikas are not called husky dogs by passers-by. Laika dog breed (Europe, Asia) - hunters, miners; huskies (USA) - sled dogs, as well as companions and show dogs. Although, it is quite possible to call husky and husky brothers, since the history of these two breeds comes down to one land.

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