After vaccination

My dog's name is Docha. In June, my mother and I went to Daughter to get vaccinated. When we got there, there was already a pug and a cat with their owners. The pug was obese and was very large that it could barely fit under a chair. The daughter was afraid of him, so to speak, snoring and pulled out of the carrier. I took her out of there and put her on my lap, and because she had long nails, she scratched my whole neck and arms. At that time, I didn’t care at all, the main thing was that Doche was calm.

Chihuahua and vaccinations

After we went to the office, my scratches were treated and my daughter was vaccinated. They also cut her nails, after which she became ill. She seemed to have tears flowing from her eyes, she even sobbed and whined.

I had to go to training, but I sat with her for all three days while she was in this state. She could only sleep on my legs, and I lay on my back all night and also during the day, just so that my dog ​​would move away from the vaccination. For the sake of my daughter, I am ready for anything. I am so happy to see her when I come home and her happy face when I play and study with her.

Katya, 17 years old, Tver
Contest participant me and my dog

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