Vaccinations for dogs. How, why and when?

There are many infectious diseases that are dangerous enough for your pet and can lead to his death: plague, parvovirus enteritis, infectious hepatitis. Also, do not forget that some diseases can be dangerous for human life: leptospirosis, rabies. That is why the question “do dogs need vaccinations” should not arise - they do.

The first protection, antibodies against viruses, the puppy receives with mother's milk, which must be vaccinated long before mating. 8 weeks after birth, the first vaccinations are given to dogs, as the action of antibodies fades and does not provide complete protection. In the kennel, the first vaccination of the dog is done after 6 weeks, because the risk of disease is higher there, due to the large accumulation of animals. It is better to do the first vaccination for puppies at home, since they are practically not protected from viruses, and, as you know, healthy people rarely come to the hospital.

Vaccinations for dogs

The second vaccination for the dog is given at intervals of 3 weeks after the first one (revaccination), at which time the mother's antibodies in the puppy's body are completely gone, and those obtained with the first vaccination are no longer enough.

Subsequently, your pet should be vaccinated once a year to maintain immunity.

Before vaccination, the dog must check:

Before vaccinating dogs, you need to make sure that they are clinically healthy. Your dog should be eating well, have a normal temperature (37,5°C - 38,9°C), clear lungs and no sign of a runny nose or other minor ailments. If everything is fine with the dog, then you need to clean it of parasites (fleas and worms) and only 10 days after that, you can be vaccinated.

AttentionAll this is done for this: an animal that is sick, or has worms, develops an insufficient immune response to the vaccine. In other words, if a weakened organism is vaccinated, the animal, even when vaccinated, can get sick.

dog after vaccination

After vaccination, within 10 days, your pet needs peace and comfort. Try not to expose him to great physical exertion, drafts, hypothermia, or overheating, do not tire him with long transportation and walks, and also exclude contact with other animals. During this period, the body is weakened, and the dog may get sick, so be more careful.

Health and joy to you and your pets 😉

Ludmila Markina

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