Relationship problems between a person and a dog (not having passed the obedience course)

If your pet has not completed obedience courses recommended by zoopsychologists, animal trainers, you will surely face many problems. I propose to consider in more detail the main problems of the relationship between a person and a dog (which has not completed a course of obedience).

Pulls the leash.

Walking with a pet turns into a difficult task, where you are not walking the dog, but vice versa. The dog pulls you in different directions and goes where he wants.

The peculiarity of such a walk can lead to the fact that you will not be able to keep the dog when it grows up. And this, in turn, can lead to various injuries to you, your pet and others. It can be a fall, knocking down, getting a dog under a car.


Inappropriate reaction to sounds and surroundings, running away, biting, barking and other surprises can occur due to loud noises, unexpected moments with cars and people.

Jumping on people.

When the dog is still a puppy, we allow it a lot, and we think that when it grows up, the behavior will change by itself, the dog will become wiser and behave more calmly. This is not true. Imagine when your pet has already grown up and on the street after the rain puts its paws on your friend in a new suit. It is unlikely that your friend will be grateful to you for this. What if it's a stranger?

Picking up food from the ground or other people's hands.

One of the problems in the relationship between a person and a dog can be picking up food from the ground or other people's hands. This behavior can lead the dog to eat inedible or poisoned food that has been spoiled by detractors. And as a result, it can end up in a veterinary clinic, leading to other negative consequences.


Everything that a person allows a dog, she takes for granted. When she grows up and loses these privileges, she will apply for them in every possible way and, possibly, use her teeth. Such disobedience can turn into dominance of the dog over the owners. As well as the development of undesirable behavior, aggressive behavior of a dog towards a person. And if you miss the age at which this can be corrected and corrected, then interaction among people will be problematic for the owner. The dog may end up in an aviary, on the street, or even worse, euthanized.

uncontrollable behavior.

With multiple command names - the dog only pays attention, but does not follow or does not want to follow the commands (if it knows them or has previously performed them).

When free-range - without a leash, the dog will not approach you on command, or moreover, it may run away in the other direction. A dog can get lost or get into a dangerous situation - running after a cat, fighting with another dog, or attacking or biting someone. And you, as the owner, will need to deal with the consequences.

And all this could not have happened - having completed the “obedience course with a professional trainer” on time. You can get acquainted with the course and the results by going to the page training course.

Konstantin Markin - trainer, zoopsychologist.

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