Vitiligo patches in dogs. Why a spotted nose?

I so want our four-legged friends, whom we love so much, not to get sick. But, neither people nor animals are immune from diseases. I want to devote a little of my time in order to introduce you to a disease called Vitiligo. This disease is quite rare, it is characterized by a lack of dark skin pigment - melanin. Vitiligo occurs in some dog breeds as small, discolored patches, most commonly on the scalp, nose, lips, and paw pads. The spots are completely smooth and do not grow in height, as in skin tumors. Vitiligo may be associated with poor fertility. But, there is nothing wrong here.


  • discolored patches on the skin anywhere on the body;
  • spots do not bother the dog;
  • do not cause itching;
  • spots cool to the touch;
  • often the spots gradually increase and are surrounded by an even darker border.

Vitiligo patches in dogs

The reasons:

Most likely, vitiligo patches in dogs are caused by an autoimmune disease (a disease characterized by an increased immune response of the dog's body to its own antibodies and cells), which destroys pigment-producing cells. Increased pigmentation often occurs in male dogs and manifests itself as a tumor of cells that affects the testicles. Vitiligo patches can be hereditary. Most often, the disease can be found in breeds: Doberman, Rottweiler, German Shepherd (less often). The cause of vitiligo spots in your pet can be a stressful situation, as well as exposure to medications.


There is no specific treatment. It is recommended to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Irritation caused by parasites requires treatment, as horses that are infected with microfilaria worms are known to develop scrotal vitiligo in the form of discolored areas of skin surrounded by dark pigment.

Vitiligo disease does not pose any danger to the dog's body, it manifests itself only externally and causes cosmetic discomfort. Therefore, if you find a pink spot on the nose of your pet, let it be only a joy to you. Let's call it the "kiss of the sunbeam".

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  1. daHoodwatcher
    12.12.2020 at 15: 28 Reply

    Vitiligo is a disease of the dog's immune system that blocks the cells responsible for pigmentation. In this case, spots can appear not only on the nose, but also on the whole body. The disease does not affect the health of the pet, only its appearance changes.